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20 Jan, 2014 03:55 PM
blod drops are fealing the flor,
and so is the blade,
cous i can not feel the power in my hand any more.

all i can think about is you,
the suffer you cost
the pain theat the lust
spread over my vains.

but i san not hate you.
your beautifull hair,
your adorable lips,
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Tags: Selfharm, Suicide, Suffering, Love, Scary, Sad
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What I want.


28 Dec, 2013 01:33 PM
I'm vain, selfish, reluctant, unmoving
I love that about me
and I love me
but there is another love
the love of reality

Death is truth
Darkness is benevolent, the beginning and end
The recognition of these bring about an interesting person
Ones that I love to watch and study
What I want then is someone like me
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Tags: Insanity, Dark, Darkness, Insecure, Love
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upon thy cheek


25 Sep, 2013 08:02 PM
Through broken stone
To glass of love
Thou art never alone
For every heartless love

We had wrought a mess
We gave pain for tears
but gave love for less
We just got to forget our fears

I love thee
Thou love me too
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Tags: Love
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The Lady Killer

Brittany Revis

18 Aug, 2013 08:04 AM
A lady killer, 
in every sense of the term.
You beat in there heads, 
and leave them to burn.

The mistakes they've made, 
for having a kind heart.
The regret they save, 
Keep that for the best part.

When you where left by a lover, 
her beauty like non other.
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Tags: Bundy, Killer, Death, Murder, Dead, Ladies, Dark Hair, Love, Fake, Darkness, Rape, Charm, Anger
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My Love

Brittany Revis

18 Aug, 2013 08:01 AM
My love, my love.
Oh, where could you be?
Six feet under and waiting for me. 

My heart, my soul,
Please breath for me.
The sickness dwells
in you and in me.

Take away my pain, 
Please show no shame~
I will love you forever,
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Tags: Love, Dahmer, Death, Murder, Forever, Kill, Keep, Company, Lovers, Peace, Leave, Souls, Close, Shame, Die, Alcohol
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In The Ocean Deep

Wes Dark Oakes

10 Jul, 2013 03:32 AM
On blacken days and these wicked nights.
She appears into my sight.
Haunted visions of life passed away.
Giving me back memories, of happy days.

My heart always sinks as the ocean roars.
I look at you from this, distant shore.
You’re coming back to me my dark drowned dove.
I watch the waves roll as you float slightly above.

The newly built light house shines bright.
You vanish from my longing sight.
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Tags: Lost, Love, Death, Dark, Alone, Pain, Lost Love, Suicide
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A Single Sound

Kitty Lexuslover

18 May, 2013 04:16 AM
A single sound was all it took
to turn my life upside down
A single sound that engraved itself with in my own mind
The sound of one you loved hitting the ground 
And the pain you felt came from that undying love that now seized to exist 

A vengeful soul 
that now rules over all
Full of hatred 
But only towards myself 
If only I was strong enough to ever listen
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Tags: Love, Death, Suffering
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Never Okay


23 Apr, 2013 03:17 PM
I'm stuck in pain
far from feeling
the wonders are in vain
nothing is healing

I pretend I lost you
I hide all love
walking away I rue
for you always my angel above

you started to write
from the words I speak
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Tags: Alone, Sad, Love
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Beautiful Crack Whore

Euphoria Godsent

26 Mar, 2013 12:52 AM
I need you to pull down my panties
And spank me
I need you to rip off my clothes
And beat me
I need you to call me a slut
And f**k me

In front of your friends
Yes, pimp me
Glue my mouth shut
Stuff me in a box
And fed ex me
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Tags: Love, Prostitution, Abuse, Euphoria Godsent, Drug Addiction
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Your Worst Nightmare

26 Feb, 2013 09:31 PM
There was once a girl with no name
Quiet, small and dark
They called her What's-Her-Face
She didn't mind, not at all 

Her hair was a dark brown
Her head, kept low
No one knew what was the matter
But they knew, not to get involved

What's-Her-Face was alone, lonely and unwanted
She was a freak
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Tags: Depression, Suicide, Dark, Cutting, Death, Love, Blood
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