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Sammie Brown

24 Feb, 2014 09:08 AM
I won’t eat 
I will starve
I won’t talk but listen 
I will cut but
I won’t let the pain show 
I will wear black to hind it 
I won’t make fuss of my crying 
I will hind my tears
I won’t let them know of my pain
I will let then hurt me but 
I won’t let them in 
I will stand alone
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Tags: Pain, Crying, Cutting, Tears, Hurt, Depression, Suicide, Suffering, Alone, Selfharm
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Sara Crumbley

11 Jul, 2013 04:36 AM
On the outside looking in
My world looks perfect
But on the inside looking out
My world is in crumbled ruins

In my world I'm frightened and scared
Terrified of what may come
I'm lost and blind

My world is dark and filled with demons
Chaos reigns freely and takes control
The angels and demons within my mind
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Tags: Demon, Hell, Fear, Crying, Scared
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Cry, Cry, Cry

DC Martin

30 Apr, 2012 08:46 AM
My history never fades, carried for all to see,
Worn upon my face,
Every life I ended, every smile unborn,
Every rose I plucked too soon,
Leaving only thorns.

I am the man from nowhere, upon no horse I ride.
Walking death upon this land, 
watching your children
Cry, cry, cry.

Broken dreams collected, and memories of the past,
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Tags: Death, Crying, Grim Reaper
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