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Zane-Geoff Hugo

06 May, 2014 11:10 AM
I am a lost soul
Nowhere to go
Darkness all around me
like the art on my wrists
my mind is screaming
on the outside I’m smiling

One more flick of the of the brush and the work should be complete
Red stains the canvas
Tears brush my eyelashes
My art is done
I drop the brush
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Tags: Blood, Tears, Pain, Cutting, Depress, Death, Suicide, Alone, Afrai
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The Final Cut

The Girl With The Bloody Mask

19 Mar, 2014 04:23 PM
I am lost soul 
No where to go 
Darkness all around 
Like the cuts on my skin
The blade sits before me mocking me 
i need it i want it
i long to see my skin swell and bleed
i slowly take the blade 
First cut will be my last
As i cut into my vein 
My blood drips 
i dont scream or cry
My Final Cut kills me tonight
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Tags: Death, Dark, Alone, Pain, Cutting, Blood
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Sammie Brown

24 Feb, 2014 09:08 AM
I won’t eat 
I will starve
I won’t talk but listen 
I will cut but
I won’t let the pain show 
I will wear black to hind it 
I won’t make fuss of my crying 
I will hind my tears
I won’t let them know of my pain
I will let then hurt me but 
I won’t let them in 
I will stand alone
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Tags: Pain, Crying, Cutting, Tears, Hurt, Depression, Suicide, Suffering, Alone, Selfharm
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Blood n tears.

Zane-Geoff Hugo

18 Feb, 2014 10:43 AM
You bring the blade onto the cold surface of your skin
Drag it across
Just one more cut
Blood slowly dripping
drips off your arm and onto the floor
You start to cry
tears distorting your vision
screaming on the inside
Why wont it end
The pain hasn't gone
Another cut should do it
Why wont the pain leave
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Tags: Cutting, Depression, Death
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Just a small Cut

sarah lough

07 Feb, 2014 06:32 PM
Crimson red fills the bowl and i think i'm going to be sick
with everything spinning so fast i cannot breathe.
walls closing in and everything fades.
Flashes of light come by, one by one.
Feeling sleepy not knowing your name.
Not knowing mine
there it is. my favorite thing of all this, 
the feeling of pain is gone from before and a new form enters me.
laying here waiting for you to come home
i open my eyes and see flashes of you and me from before you went.
you walk inside.
you call to me and wait for an answer.
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Tags: Cutting
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truth of my scars

kala marie

11 Jan, 2014 08:26 PM
lips red 
eyes blue
wrists bled
scars true

black as my soul 
white as my skin
almost there
now we begin 

take that razor
dig real deep
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Tags: Sadness, Cutting, Death, Dark, Alone, Pain
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Bailey Blake

03 Dec, 2013 08:15 PM
Close your eyes
Count to five
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Tags: Nothing, Suicide, Cutting, Shattered, Broken, Death, Evil, Voices, Blood
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19 Dec, 2013 12:30 PM
When night falls
the suns last rays are too soon forgotten
and the temperature drops
just like my heartbeat

Smiles quickly turn into tears 
unspoken words and broken promises
the streets are almost as empty as I am 

Try to drown out everything but the sound of the rain
loneliness is my only real best friend
my thoughts are darker than the night sky
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Tags: Selfharm, Death, Suicide, Blood, Darkness, Cutting, Hurt, Alone
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So cold


10 Nov, 2013 05:58 PM
The coldness surrounds me
I feel so alone
It cuts through my skin
And settles deep into my bone

It clouds my vision
And muffles all the sound
It hurts to breath
I can feel it all around 

I can't move
my mind is a wreck
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Tags: Death, Darkness, Alone, Lost, Suicide, Depression, Coldness, Cutting
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Give in to the Pain


10 Nov, 2013 06:02 PM
The empty room is flooded with moonlight 
It's already way past midnight
Your hands are shaking
As your mask is slowly breaking 

A streak of liquid silver trails down your cheek
Even if you tried you could not speak
An icy breeze caresses your skin 
But you're numb; you can't feel a thing

Give in to the pain...
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Tags: Pain, Numb, Suicide, Cutting, Blood, Self Harm, Lost, Alone, Death, Dark, Hell, Demonic
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