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Chant of the Walruderske.

Pride Ed

24 Nov, 2014 07:06 PM
Glide on dark tempest and frighten the skies,
Above blooded lands, lamenting past battle cries!
Valkyrjas of storm; born of thunder.
Warriors of gore; bodies torn asunder!

O’ Blooded maidens; princesses of death,
Descend on these fields with hurried breath!
Pillage strong souls of frenzied conquest.
Gather them now at Odin’s behest!

Herd legions of wraiths behind Valhalla’s cruel gate.
These sleepers of ire; of wars they lay in wait,
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Tags: Norse, Mythology, Death, Valkyrie, Dark, War
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20 Nov, 2014 01:42 AM
I wait in the alley watching for her. 
She doesn't notice me waiting, lurking.
People see a beauty wearing white fur.
I see nothing but meat, sweet butchering

I smell the fear she gets when she hears me
pleasure and thrill engulfs the predator.
as I get closer she begins to see
She will soon be sent to her creator.

I pull my blade from my belt, fun begins.
The gap closes heart racing, she panics.
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Tags: Murder, Dark, Creepy, Jack, Ripper, Death
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Silent Hill

Dead Empty Soul

08 Nov, 2014 10:39 AM
The bell who tolls only for the dead,
A reminder of our curse
The nightmare set like chains onto our souls

Sirens who are off in the distance, the dark that always comes

A woman dressed in black,
The darkness cannot hurt her
Can you hear the silent tears, can you see the silent cries

Do not trust the damned,
Death is at their feet
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Tags: Insane, Darkness, Dark, Death
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30 Oct, 2014 04:47 AM
Darkness erodes my state of mind 
And beckons me to listen
The freeway of death, the  keeper of time
Has scared me to a stiffen 

Looking up I cannot tell
What lies beyond this world
Looking down. That's how I fell
And twisted my mind in curls

Through storms I've lost
Through storms I've found
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Tags: Dark, Disturbed, Alone
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My Love for Death; My Hate for Life


25 Oct, 2014 01:12 AM
What I love about you is that you're so easy,
To do without thinking,
Nothing else would please me.

A knife to the heart,
An overdose of pills.
One thing is certain,
All these bring thrills.

My hatred for life,
My love for death.
I cannot wait,
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Tags: Death, Pain, Dark
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Intense Pleasure


28 Aug, 2014 08:41 PM
Listen, have you heard something so satisfying?
Oh how I love the dripping of crimson fluid; 
To witness, it is absolutely gratifying.
How lovely to see you quiver in ecstasy,
such a beautiful sight to see.

Your tears of joy do nothing but warm my heart.
Oh, how great is your desire to be torn apart?
But I must not bore you with inadequacy,
I must continue to feed your vanity.

Shall I continue with another incision?
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Tags: Dark, Insanity, Torture, Graphic
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Monster inside of me

Dead Empty Soul

24 Sep, 2014 11:33 AM
I fall to my knees,
Blood streaming down my face

A world full of lies
Friends that left to hide

Am I just a monster?
A psychopath sent from hell
My head is full of hate
And soon my sanity will break

Your blood is on my hands
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Tags: Hate, Dark, Psycho, Psychopath, Death, Monster, Sanity, Insane
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Vox Silentii

10 Sep, 2014 07:50 PM
There it has begun
when silence arrived
a glorious moment
shared within us

Footsteps in the rain
a crescent moon shining bright
in the meadows bellow 
hear their end

Warned of danger
if silence arrived
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Tags: Dark, Death
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Your Nightmare, My life

Abaddon Torment

13 Aug, 2014 07:34 AM
What if your nightmare
Is my reality
If you didnt know would you care
Heres what I see

If you dreamt,
You couldn't see your parents,
They may see you,
But must leave you be.
You have post traumatic stress.
And every night you can relive
The moment they died
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Tags: Alone, Anti-bully, Dark, Tragic
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No Hope

Abaddon Torment

08 Aug, 2014 03:26 PM
I ponder in the night,
Wandering what to write
Perhaps something within the light,
But that is a very strong might...
Though i don't know what is right.
I do know the law was once tight.

I am certain I do not see things bright,
As I gaze upon other peoples plight.
Not much is certain within my despite.
I watch the kids play with their kite
Raised on lands, suitable for rats
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Tags: Dark, Real, Sad, No Hope
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