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Zane A. Murray

19 May, 2016 09:14 PM
Tartarus, the eternal pit, full of fire and smoke,
Where the beast of the pit walks his ways, in his infinite black cloak,
He walks with a sturdy step, along the dust and bones of the righteous dead,
And along the rivers of blood that runs with the color red.

His name is Satan, Ruler of the Earth, King of the World, in his abode,
With the darkened of skies that linger with thunder, along with a birds that had crowed,
No one dies here in this realm, only does the Lord of Darkness die into rest here,
And only shall he be indestructible from the fire and the cries of fear.

As he walks in the darkness, with the smell of rotten meat and skin,
He scratches his legs and arms, and runs the hand through the hair on his chin,
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Tags: Hell, Darkness, Death, Devil
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God and His Heaven

Zane A. Murray

22 Apr, 2016 04:16 PM
If there is a place that is up above,
It must be as soft as the silk of a glove,
White and shiny as the stars in the sky,
Sounds like day dreams, created by a bearded guy.

They say God created the Heaven and the Earth on the first day,
I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that, not ever, and definitely not today,
Not really a place for me to keep in my mind,
I don’t have to worry about something that I may or may not find,

There’s a man in the clouds staring down at me, and he isn’t happy,
Says I can’t masturbate with my manliness, can’t go fappy fappy,
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Tags: God, Heaven, Afterlife, Darkness
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Dark Hearts


09 Apr, 2016 07:28 AM
When the fires glow unleashes    			
Then the story has its end
It lets the pride stay in pieces
That is what they will send

Lighting death in every way 
Will let the ghosts come to life
So they burn through the day.  
Within in their hearts darkness sharp as a knife 

Lives rotting on the ground
Hanging in the air the smell of death
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Tags: Darkness, Heart, Lonely, Dark Hearts, Fire
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jerry harrenstein

14 Jan, 2016 04:53 PM
Is the line your 
looking at straight,
or is it curved?
Would knowing that
the straight line was
actually curved
cause you to become 
or would you
shrug it off with a grin
and see it as it is?
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Tags: Darkness
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A Black Bird


07 Jan, 2016 04:09 PM
I dream of a bird. 
A black bird. 
That's what i am. 
A black bird whose wings are broken. 
Who the other birds have lost faith in because i cannot fly. 
The sky has harden. 
I flap my wings and soar. 
It hurts so bad. 
It hurts to be free. 
I cannot take it anymore. 

I scream.
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Tags: Depression, Death, Fear, Darkness, Blood
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Venom Ash

18 Dec, 2015 10:09 PM
One thought brings another
Over thinking like a flood
Thoughts that should have been gone since ever
I myself, can no longer let go.

Open hearts and carved scratches
Tearing selfharm on the floor
Violent cries
In my mind splashing
As my blood is wetting and crawling til the door
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Tags: Thoughts, Over Thinking, Drowning, Dark Mind, Dark, Darkness
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Angel Plant

24 Oct, 2015 04:05 AM
We are like a tree
That is planted like a river
So strong are we
Let's break the chains that hold us back

Enemies surround me
They chase me around
Some want to kill me
Like a tree I am

In my traps I lie
As rivers run through me
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Tags: Gates, Strong, Wander, Fog, Clouds, Mountains, Melted, Rivers, Darkness
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Monster of the Id


11 Oct, 2015 01:06 PM
Its defining feature is invisible,
A fringe beyond which we cannot pass,
And a boundary from which nothing can emerge.

Sound silently fades
To the stifled gasp of intensified realization,
Of bated breath swallowed whole by heightened fear.

Time stands still and midnight yields,
Baleful eyes blush red like coals, 
Darkening, they fix on you from the corner of the room.
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Tags: Monster, Darkness, Id, Invisible, Hunger
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Darkness Visible


26 Aug, 2015 06:14 AM
I sit in solemn darkness.
For all is darkness. 

All the inhumane scum and vernom 
Scratch at my cage, trying to penetrate
Waiting for me to join them
and their status qou.

Nay. I stay 
huddled in my four-corner
prison of a world.
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Tags: Darkness, Anti-social, Alienation, Satan
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My dark side


12 Aug, 2015 02:42 PM
There is a dark spot in my soul,
I may not show, you may not know,
But I can feel it in my heart,
A creeping, tickling morbid spark.

Welcome to my dark side.

I might be smiling while I speak,
Yet there is something else I seek,
Beyond a happy, easy mind,
A world falls down, my eyes turn blind.
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Tags: Darkness, Soul, Disturbing
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