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16 Jun, 2014 07:30 AM
As the darkness takes me,
enfolds me in its arms,
tears come fast,
hot and strong.

The sky is a vase,
of purest black,
the moon is obscured,
by clouds that crack.

tear drops glimmer,
as the moment starts to pass,
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Tags: Death, Depression, Dark, Alone, Pain, Darkness, Suffering
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09 May, 2014 09:25 PM
An evoked thought 
Situation or memory
I never thought
About my dreams & me.

I died one night
For someone to hold me tight
I'm sorry I apologize
Words I can't help but hear
I had to be open to realize
Lies get bigger and the truth just disappears.
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Tags: Death, Depression, Fade
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Cold Dark Corner


07 May, 2014 08:38 AM
There's a cold dark corner
in the back of my room
it speaks to me
and says I'm coming for you 

As I lie on my bed
in the fetal position
my eyes are closed 
hoping and wishing

Maybe that one day
my dreams will come true
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Tags: Dark, Suicide, Depression
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Not Relevant

23 Feb, 2014 02:29 AM
I have a rage inside me. Something I need to control, but I do not want to.
I know that should I fail to control it, bad things will happen.
It will be worse than how it is now. But
I still want to release it. Not
In the way of batting cages, or drawing, or writing, but
In the way of violence. Real, painful violence. Never towards myself. Not anymore. 

Her is who I want to 
Hit. Over and over, until my
Hands are bleeding, and then more. Until I
Hear her stop crying for
Help. And her
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Tags: Death, Hate, Depression, Murder, Kill, Killing, Violence, Suicide, Anger, Angry, Mad, Hatred, Hurt, Hurting, Damag
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In A Shroud of Black

Tom Hanno

22 Feb, 2014 12:34 AM
In a shroud of black my heart doth rest,
It's beat ever so weary, and weak, inside of my chest,
It's very essence being sapped by my pain,
Pain of my own making, pain brought on by my birth,
Pain brought on in spite of my mirth.
I feel that my wounds could never mend,
And suicide could bring my hearts beat to an end
Wishing, wanting, hoping, that my life I have left,
Yet, I can imagine the faces of my sons,
at the news of my early death,
Then my blackened heart picks up the beat,
And then I realize that death means only defeat,
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Tags: Pain, Suicide, Depression, Death, Dark, Alone
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Sammie Brown

24 Feb, 2014 09:08 AM
I won’t eat 
I will starve
I won’t talk but listen 
I will cut but
I won’t let the pain show 
I will wear black to hind it 
I won’t make fuss of my crying 
I will hind my tears
I won’t let them know of my pain
I will let then hurt me but 
I won’t let them in 
I will stand alone
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Tags: Pain, Crying, Cutting, Tears, Hurt, Depression, Suicide, Suffering, Alone, Selfharm
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Blood n tears.

Zane-Geoff Hugo

18 Feb, 2014 10:43 AM
You bring the blade onto the cold surface of your skin
Drag it across
Just one more cut
Blood slowly dripping
drips off your arm and onto the floor
You start to cry
tears distorting your vision
screaming on the inside
Why wont it end
The pain hasn't gone
Another cut should do it
Why wont the pain leave
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Tags: Cutting, Depression, Death
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The Downward Spiral

sarah lough

10 Feb, 2014 05:20 PM
Today once again I began my spiral,
Down and down, round and round I go
I swear it's catching like something viral
will I escape this one, I really don't know
My fake smile has worn off, face aches from frowning
No shoulder to cry on, never anyone to care
Its a constant suffering almost like drowning 
if I went today, would they notice I was no longer there?
SO today I sit, I weep, I sob and I stare
I wonder how much more of this soul can take
there is only so much of this one soul can take
there is only so much a person can take
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Tags: Depression
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So cold


10 Nov, 2013 05:58 PM
The coldness surrounds me
I feel so alone
It cuts through my skin
And settles deep into my bone

It clouds my vision
And muffles all the sound
It hurts to breath
I can feel it all around 

I can't move
my mind is a wreck
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Tags: Death, Darkness, Alone, Lost, Suicide, Depression, Coldness, Cutting
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Plague Of Despair

David Bull

21 Jul, 2013 01:30 PM
I’m drowning in this pouring rain which chokes me
Bringing dark clouds upon my sanity

A chill that breaks my bones and steals my soul
Where is the smallest of light to penetrate me
To lift this doom, gloom and boom

Electricity like a lightning bolt  
Tearing through my brain with pain
Shocking me and shocking me 
I feel I could be reaching insanity
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Tags: Depression, Psychosis, Paranoia, Dark World
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