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Sara Crumbley

11 Jul, 2013 04:32 AM
Love and kindness is all around.
Yet, loneliness is still found.
By myself I'll always be,
In a crowded room, I'll all but scream.

Death is certain, this is known;
You cannot run nor hide.
In the darkness I await my time,
Whilst you taunt me all the time.

I could do it, I have the chance.
Yet, I wait for you to come to my side.
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Tags: Scream, Death, Depression, Suffering, Suicide, Dark Mind
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The Man with Two Heads

Euphoria Godsent

06 Jun, 2013 01:11 AM
The man had two heads
and two separate personalities
one was quite passionate about life
the other was unfulfilled

they shared one p**is
one made love to his girlfriend
and the other fu**ed her
and on that dark stormy night
evil thoughts blazed through his mind
and he murdered her
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Tags: Murder, Suicide, Anger, Heart Broken, Rejection, Depression, Dark Mind
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Just one more

Dark Wolf

30 Mar, 2013 12:58 AM
Just one more,
just a little more crimson,
above old,

Is it wrong,
is it okay to cut,

As I’m picked on,
they will remember,
the death,
the pain,
the sorrow,
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Tags: Insanity, Death, Pain, Depression, Cutting, Lost
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Death Overcomes


04 Apr, 2013 03:32 PM
I tarry hither betwixt a horrible pain, and hateful death
Henceforth I tarry in the midst of mere that’s so cold
The days I beseech of a God to hold my final last breath
My heart prays for a daughtless love I wit to hold

I tarry on the outside and trow wherefore I’m here
A sin I had wrought, for I don’t get naught at all
I bleed whence I tarry a love to be near
From every little moment I sit in pain as tears fall

I mark what thee sing of a broken soul
I get stuck in the midst of a lost love
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Tags: Death, Depression, Dark Mind
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Engulfed By Darkness

Your Worst Nightmare

26 Feb, 2013 09:33 PM
I found myself cutting
Slicing through my skin
A blood dripping blade
Coming down with a swing

I was in a state of despair
Depression, and grief
I could not bare this any longer
I was on my knees

God did not respond to my prayers
My savior did not come
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Tags: Suicide, Depression, Death, Psycho, Dark Mind
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My Story

Your Worst Nightmare

26 Feb, 2013 09:44 PM
I thought I'd bring a poem
To explain my pain
To show my emotions
To let it bleed

Bleed like my arms did
Bleed like my heart did
Bleed like my self made scars
Bleed like my mind, 
which is just too tired to die

For a long time now
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Tags: Depression, Dark Thought, Sorrow, Suffering, Scar, Selfharm
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Your Worst Nightmare

26 Feb, 2013 09:31 PM
There was once a girl with no name
Quiet, small and dark
They called her What's-Her-Face
She didn't mind, not at all 

Her hair was a dark brown
Her head, kept low
No one knew what was the matter
But they knew, not to get involved

What's-Her-Face was alone, lonely and unwanted
She was a freak
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Tags: Depression, Suicide, Dark, Cutting, Death, Love, Blood
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One More Time..

Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:23 PM
Keep pushing.
push me.
come on.
tell me one more time.
tell me to kill myself.
I will.

I will do it.
don't give me the choice.
I will with out a second thought do it.
I will put the cold blade to my wrist,
without a thought rip it past.
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Tags: Death, Suicide, Lost, Pain, Depression
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Bradley Cox

30 Nov, 2012 09:49 AM
Death is the peace of mind 
total freedom
no squares to bring me down
no rules 
freedom at it's best 

Christians believe in heaven 
but are afraid of dying
I say living hurts more
in death you feel no pain
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Tags: Death, Suicide, Depression, Dark World
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River Of Red


27 Nov, 2012 12:06 PM
I lay by the river stained in blood red, 
evil thoughts appear in my head, 
I grin at the soon to be mangled corpses of the dead, 
my anger erupts, 
violent and abrupt, 

I pull out my gun, 
they scream and run, 
I laugh as I shoot them down one by one, 

he begs on his knees trembles and cries, 
I feel no empathy I want him to die,
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Tags: Violence, Depression, Insanity, Cruel, Killer, Death, Murder, Darkness
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