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Cold Heart/Bloody Palms

Lance Barnwell

10 Feb, 2016 03:20 PM
How cold is the heart that's as brittle as glass
Shattering to shards on the cusp of your grasp
And those shards are the razors that you grind in your hands
For in the ecstasy of pain only you'll understand
Feeding the fire to obliterate those dubious charms
The glass cannot glisten drenched in the blood from your palms

Can you not shed a tear, are you misunderstood?
Or are you purging the sorrow with your own vapid blood?
Lazily leaking from each jagged rip
Depleting your reasoning with each languid drip
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Tags: Horror, Selfharm, Despair, Insanity
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The Heavens

Lance Barnwell

07 Feb, 2016 03:08 PM
They preyed on the lambs and they granted no quarter
But now the wolves of the pack can only slaver for the slaughter
With crazed moonlit eyes they wander amongst the desolate barrows
With naught to stalk but a miasma of death enshrouded shadows

So they looked to The Heavens; the Moon and the stars
And they looked to the planets of Venus and Mars
How they howled and barked, till their breaths filled the air
But The Heavens are a legerdemain of ignorance and despair

They prayed for the lambs and sought solace from the warder
But The Heavens are empty and are the ultimate disorder
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Tags: Irreligion, Insanity, Horror, Despair
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Wasteful Existence

Austin Jones

26 Apr, 2015 08:01 PM
This darkened world 
Full of death, evil, despair
I walk along an empty road
leading to absolutely nothing, nowhere

It simply goes on and on
Until forever ends
I am no exception
Despair will come for me
Yes, this I am sure of
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Tags: Suffering, Despair, Misery
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Black Tree's

Austin Jones

26 Apr, 2015 01:43 AM
The darkness surrounds me
Like a forest 
Of black tree's 
But in the clearing 

There is a light 
That Shines
Brighter than Bright 
It shall guide me 
So that I may fly 

Away from this place
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Tags: Darkness, Forever, Despair, Cold
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11 Dec, 2014 05:50 AM
I thought this would be an adventure.
Alice and I had an agreement.
All I'm doing is living in pure torture.
She led me to this unending torment.
This wonderland is truly hell.

Screaming to please wake up,
To drink the right poison,
To take enough of your harsh beating.

Why can't I wake up?
Wonderland isn't the place for me.
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Tags: Wonderland, Despair
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The Church Across the Street.

Pride Ed

29 Jul, 2014 06:19 PM
The Bell-tower taunts me when I look out my bedroom window.
Saints who sin are loved more than me. 
Their audience comes in droves to the sounds of bells!

I hear them ringing.
I go numb with fear.

Then I remember that there's two dead trees in 
the backyard. I look at them instead.

I still hear the ringing,
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Tags: Suicide, Pain, Despair, Fear, Death, Forgotten, Forsaken
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The Sinner

Pride Ed

13 Jun, 2014 05:47 AM
Coming down is the temple of the mage.
The candles on the walls fall down and sets my rage again.
So if you see everything burn,
Just leave me here torn.
For I don't have the strength left
To put out the embers just born.
And if I am to die by fire,
Then that would just be my fate.
I was promised to die by water,
But that promise came too late.

Again the philosopher is stoned.
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Tags: Death, Pain, Despair, Anger, Hell, Demon
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Nerezza Selve

01 Jun, 2014 06:21 PM
Down the stream, to the lake
Where the dragon lies in wait
Up the willow tree
Where the banshee sits 
Wide awake
You will see her dark eyes
Shining down through branches bare
The sun’s rays 
Never to touch her face.

Down the tree, up the stream,
Back home to me, my darling
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Tags: Banshee, Prophecy, Despair
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Lance Barnwell

20 Mar, 2014 11:31 PM
I'm so alone, but there's no way back
If you can hear me, I'm trapped in the black
He came to see me, the uninvited guest
And with his scythe he crushed my chest
Then he mocked me with his slow hand clapping
As I lay there, my last breaths gasping

I fell from life to a place called dead
The lights went out, but my pneuma fled
If this is the norm I cannot tell
I'm not close to heaven, but near to hell
There's no ticking clock, no time to gauge
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Tags: Death, Despair, Isolation
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Dark in your heart


06 Jun, 2013 07:01 PM
Bury me deep inside your heart
And hide me in the dark
Don't let the light in

never let me go, Hold me tight
Don't ever let me go away
Please be with me and stay

I want to be buried in your heart
Yet it's so dark
Even though you love to hate
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Tags: Darkness, Sad, Hate, Heartbroken, Despair
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