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14 May, 2014 08:05 PM
Anger courses through the veins,
Stopping the love the heart gives out,
Red to black the heart freezes over,
Nothing wrong with that.

Until the day the questions are asked,
That make the mind scream and shout,
The anger has no where to go,
But maybe it can come out. 

The first breath hurts,
The second is alright,
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Tags: Anger, Life, Cutting, Blood, Heart, Free, Pain, Suffering
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I want to be free


21 Dec, 2012 09:27 PM
I sit in my cage,
Small and meek,
I wait,
I wait for my freedom.

My masters won't allow it,
They keep me on a short leash,
Telling me what to do.

Why can't I just be me,
I just want to be free,
Why must people demand things out of me?
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Tags: Masters, Cage, Free
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Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:18 PM
I dream of death.
A time when I'm free.
No more pain,

What a good thing that will be.
Not having to worry.
Being get free from all this,
This Hate!
This stupid, painful life.
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Tags: Death, Liveless, Hopeless, Hell, Alone, Lost, Free
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My thought.

Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:16 PM
Is it bad I think of dying?
Is it bad I wanna die?
Is it bad I've tried many time?
is it bad that all I wanna do is,
is be alone?

Alone in the Dark.
With only my thoughts and,
and blades?
The darkness is my friend.
My only other?
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Tags: Blood, Goodbye, Free, Death, Suicide, Thinking, Dying Slowly, Cutting, Cut
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