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The Duchess of Hell

Pride Ed

31 Oct, 2014 01:35 PM
She’s mentioned in plays and operas;
Disgraced human dramas and arias!
Decaying disciples chanting last rites
Before she smites thee with all of her might!
Sung text by dead scholars, so vague is her name;
Dark choir still chants “Patron Saint of Pain!
Give us your hate, thy mote it be!
Praise dear Sister of Misery!”   

She was defiled in nameless hours of moonlight,
And wept at cold altar on a cold on All Hallows’ Eve Night.
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Tags: Darkness, Hell, Death, Revenge
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For Your Hateful Throne.

Pride Ed

29 Oct, 2014 02:37 PM
Held captive in hell by memories of thee,
And every deceit that has befallen me.
I’ll break these chains like damaged bone;
Fractured clean and broken free
Like a corpse flung from the throne,
Cast aside cold and alone.

With this blood from boiling vein,
Your pain I seek in echoed refrain.
I elicit the shadows in ravenous streams;
The unhinged ire of fallen dark dreams!
My abhorred soldiers shall win my new throne
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Tags: Curse, Death, Destruction, Pain, Darkness, Hell, Spells, Demons, Condemnation, Anger
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Black Angels

Austin Jones

07 Oct, 2014 12:51 AM
The angels that come to take me
as I slip away into darkness 
I know what is coming
how they will treat my soul
their evil eyes
their black wings
I am not afraid

we are all born to die
we are all alone in the end
This is the one truth in the world
and so they take me
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Tags: Death, Hell, Darkness, Angel, Torture
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11 Aug, 2014 05:21 PM
It first starts as a small cut,
Or missing one meal.
And who would notice?
But then you find yourself tumbling,

Tumbling down a rabbit hole with no way to stop,
People ask you to 'quit it' but what do they know?
It's not that easy. It's never been easy.

Suddenly death seems like the easiest solution,
But is it? Leaving one hell for another?
Then it's all about whether you have the guts.
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Tags: Suicide, Death, Life, Hell, Cutting
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Fallow Me

Abaddon Torment

26 Jul, 2014 08:53 PM
Fallow Me 
unto the deep 
Come Sacrifice the damned with me
Rape the dead 
To pillage the living 

Do you even care about your own being
Ill tear you apart and
Murder thee with a serpents kiss 
Gods not a coward
He's just dead
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Tags: Hell, Torture, Murder, Demonic, DeadGod
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Billy Maires

LilRebel Villa

06 Aug, 2014 04:25 AM
I once knew a kid, whose name was Billy Maires
And what he loved to do most, was set lot’s of fires
Big or small, it all didn’t matter
As long as they caused some sort of disaster 

And if he told his mom otherwise, she called him a liar
But on day, his mom got tired
Of dealing with such a so called “liar”
So she picked up the phone, and called an officer
But fortunately for Billy, the court ruled in his favor
And since his mom filed a “false report” she was put in correctional center
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Tags: Fire, Burn, Hell, Darkness
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The Sinner

Pride Ed

13 Jun, 2014 05:47 AM
Coming down is the temple of the mage.
The candles on the walls fall down and sets my rage again.
So if you see everything burn,
Just leave me here torn.
For I don't have the strength left
To put out the embers just born.
And if I am to die by fire,
Then that would just be my fate.
I was promised to die by water,
But that promise came too late.

Again the philosopher is stoned.
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Tags: Death, Pain, Despair, Anger, Hell, Demon
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You're dead.


22 Jan, 2014 03:25 AM
You're being held down.
Held down by you're demons 
You can't breath 
You can't take it anymore 
No one will care 
No one will notice
The time has come 
Grab the knife 
Grab the pills 
Grab the rope 
Write you're note..
You're dying
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Tags: Death, Suicide, Alone, Demons, Dead, Gone, Hell, Pain, Kill, Gun, Rope, Pills
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A Girls Worst Nightmare


29 Dec, 2013 06:35 PM
Her innocence,
Her hope,

Beaten and bruised.
Battered and broken.
it all hurts the same,
And its always unspoken.

Tied to a cross,
We cried for shattered souls.
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Tags: Nightmare, Sadness, Girl, Alone, Hurt, Hate, Hopeless, Hell, Heartbroken, Forgotten, Broken, Cross, Sin, Sinners
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Give in to the Pain


10 Nov, 2013 06:02 PM
The empty room is flooded with moonlight 
It's already way past midnight
Your hands are shaking
As your mask is slowly breaking 

A streak of liquid silver trails down your cheek
Even if you tried you could not speak
An icy breeze caresses your skin 
But you're numb; you can't feel a thing

Give in to the pain...
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Tags: Pain, Numb, Suicide, Cutting, Blood, Self Harm, Lost, Alone, Death, Dark, Hell, Demonic
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