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11 Aug, 2014 05:21 PM
It first starts as a small cut,
Or missing one meal.
And who would notice?
But then you find yourself tumbling,

Tumbling down a rabbit hole with no way to stop,
People ask you to 'quit it' but what do they know?
It's not that easy. It's never been easy.

Suddenly death seems like the easiest solution,
But is it? Leaving one hell for another?
Then it's all about whether you have the guts.
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Tags: Suicide, Death, Life, Hell, Cutting
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Give in to the Pain


10 Nov, 2013 06:02 PM
The empty room is flooded with moonlight 
It's already way past midnight
Your hands are shaking
As your mask is slowly breaking 

A streak of liquid silver trails down your cheek
Even if you tried you could not speak
An icy breeze caresses your skin 
But you're numb; you can't feel a thing

Give in to the pain...
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Tags: Pain, Numb, Suicide, Cutting, Blood, Self Harm, Lost, Alone, Death, Dark, Hell, Demonic
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Shadow Skyhawk

30 Apr, 2013 10:33 PM
I wake up 
I feel hot 
My body is burning
Suddenly I am being twisted in a knot

This is excruciating
I cry out in pain
No one can hear
Over the sound of the blood rain

I am then taken
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Tags: Hell, Pain, Torture
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I'm Sorry I Love You

Your Worst Nightmare

26 Feb, 2013 09:39 PM
Do you know what it's like to feel pain?
To feel loss

It's like a swelling in your heart
That just won't go away
And when you realize its still there
It's like a punch to the face

Do you know what's it's like
To know you're the reason
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Tags: Hell, Heaven, Demon, Emo, Evil, Hate, Dark Soul
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Devils Apocolypse

David Bull

06 Apr, 2012 07:51 PM
Hollow moons illuminate the skies
The end is here now begins the cries

The battle begins on a stormy night
The devil orders his latest strike

It’s time for a sacrificial moment
The stench of death becoming so potent

Hell hounds released and leap across rivers
Hypnotic serpent eyes follow with bodies that slither
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Tags: Satan, Devil, Apocolypse, Dark, Horror, Hell
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When The Devil Leavs His Layer


07 Apr, 2015 01:11 PM
When the Devil leaves his lair
You should run and hide
Because you’ll be unaware
That he is by your side

He will be soon chaining you
In that old oak tree
Then leave you hanging
And let your black soul free

But if you take my warning
With you to your grave
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Tags: Devil, Hell
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Our Dark Rite

Wes Dark Oakes

10 Jul, 2013 03:34 AM
We wonder through pitch black dark deserted streets.
As we roam dark cloaked with minds of madness.
We know where He is calling us.
We go into the dark grove of trees, to begin our dark rite on this wicked night.

Where blood is shed upon the dark altar.
To prolonged our lives for hundreds of years more.
These rites to evade our deep dark sleep of eternal death forever more.
This will evade our entrance into the gates of Hell where He always dwells.

The naked virgin lays on the stone alter tied.
She whimpers in the cold night knowing her fate.
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Tags: Dark, Darkness, Dark Rite, Hell, Dark Creature, Night
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Sara Crumbley

11 Jul, 2013 04:35 AM
On the outside looking in
My world looks perfect
But on the inside looking out
My world is in crumbled ruins

In my world I'm frightened and scared
Terrified of what may come
I'm lost and blind

My world is dark and filled with demons
Chaos reigns freely and takes control
The angels and demons within my mind
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Tags: Hell, Demonic, Scream, Fear
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Fallow Me

Abaddon Torment

26 Jul, 2014 08:53 PM
Fallow Me 
unto the deep 
Come Sacrifice the damned with me
Rape the dead 
To pillage the living 

Do you even care about your own being
Ill tear you apart and
Murder thee with a serpents kiss 
Gods not a coward
He's just dead
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Tags: Hell, Torture, Murder, Demonic, DeadGod
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Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:18 PM
I dream of death.
A time when I'm free.
No more pain,

What a good thing that will be.
Not having to worry.
Being get free from all this,
This Hate!
This stupid, painful life.
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Tags: Death, Liveless, Hopeless, Hell, Alone, Lost, Free
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