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River Of Red


27 Nov, 2012 12:06 PM
I lay by the river stained in blood red, 
evil thoughts appear in my head, 
I grin at the soon to be mangled corpses of the dead, 
my anger erupts, 
violent and abrupt, 

I pull out my gun, 
they scream and run, 
I laugh as I shoot them down one by one, 

he begs on his knees trembles and cries, 
I feel no empathy I want him to die,
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Tags: Violence, Depression, Insanity, Cruel, Killer, Death, Murder, Darkness
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On the darkness in all of us

Kaiza Urai

01 Feb, 2013 09:37 PM
If madness leads to freedom
And to dark shall all things end
I hold my mind to ransom
And to dusk my soul I send

You come here speaking of the light
And all the good it brings,
But in the end you shall succumb
To truth that darkness sings

You have a god to look upon
And hope that gives you meaning
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Tags: Darkness, Madness, Insanity, Mind, Soul, Disease, Sickness, Light, Truth, God
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Just one more

Dark Wolf

30 Mar, 2013 12:58 AM
Just one more,
just a little more crimson,
above old,

Is it wrong,
is it okay to cut,

As I’m picked on,
they will remember,
the death,
the pain,
the sorrow,
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Tags: Insanity, Death, Pain, Depression, Cutting, Lost
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24 Apr, 2013 02:48 PM
I hear...
My screams and howls of agony as they resound off of these chamber walls.

I see...
The blurred glares of the lights above me, tinted red from the blood in my eyes.

I taste...
The blood that flows from my severed tongue.

I smell...
The copper of blood,
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Tags: Insanity, Blood, Death, Murder, Pain, Torture
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Where the Birds Come to Die

nicholas johnson

12 Feb, 2013 08:39 PM
Why is it so cold, so dark,
Where all the birds come to die?
Dusty feathers and echoing songs
lurk under a stormy sky.

The flock of flocks is lost and alone
Ending up perching here
Skeletons fall where talons once danced
Without sound, they fall like tears

Is the sky crying,
the clouds shedding rain,
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Tags: Deth, Insanity, Sad, Creepy, Dark, Night, Darkness
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Crazy Love

DC Martin

30 Apr, 2012 08:56 AM
They say one of us is to blame, 
you're holding that knife, covered in blood 
and I'm laughing off the pain, 
so which one of us is guilty 
if we're both totally insane? 

Could it be we're broken in just the right places, 
perforated just so right 
that we fill each others empty spaces? 
A pair of answers to a question 
that no one ever asked, 
and when they remove our disguises,
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Tags: Insanity, Death, Murder, Love
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I welcome you, Devil

Dead Empty Soul

08 Nov, 2014 10:42 AM
Our hearts beating together;
A wind blow past your face, 
Grazing your cheek as your tears run down

The trees are haunting,
The stream is taunting;
Our fear is what keeps them alive,
Just for tonight

The witch is laughing,
Tearing down our wall we built together
She comes closer,
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Tags: Hell, Satan, Devils, Insanity, Darkness, Death, Pain
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What I want.


28 Dec, 2013 01:33 PM
I'm vain, selfish, reluctant, unmoving
I love that about me
and I love me
but there is another love
the love of reality

Death is truth
Darkness is benevolent, the beginning and end
The recognition of these bring about an interesting person
Ones that I love to watch and study
What I want then is someone like me
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Tags: Insanity, Dark, Darkness, Insecure, Love
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I'm Not Insane!

Nick Vixon

22 Jan, 2013 07:21 PM
Poeple don't really believe me when I tell them
I try to trust them
To have someone to talk to and believe in me
I'm telling the truth the whole time but they just don't see

This Is Me
I'll admit I have my moments of insanity
Yeah I'm emo
So what?
I'm still human so just let it go!

Yes, I am different
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Tags: Insanity, Emo, Darkness, Mocked
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monster in a perfect body


01 Jun, 2015 02:27 PM
Beating hearts stop dead at night 
shadow horrors fill them to the brim with fright 
beating faster and harder 

now your heart i will surely take 
trusting me was a big mistake 
now ive got you on your knees 
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Tags: Murder, Insanity, Death, Blood, Graphic
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