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Suicide is Always an Option

Euphoria Godsent

30 Jun, 2016 02:41 PM
Sweet, sweet, suicide
Will you visit me tonight
Tired of feeling suicidal when my aspirations are stifled
Fighting back tears while smiling from ear to ear

I know God won’t help
He’s good
I need to believe in myself
I would
But every time I try
Dark forces pull me behind
My unfulfilled dreams haunt me incessantly
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Tags: Suicide, Depression, Unfullfilled Dreams, Hopelessness, Suicidal Thoughts, Dark Forces, Dark Thought, Dark
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Detrimental Isolation

Zane A. Murray

17 Nov, 2015 05:45 PM
Stuck in a dream of laces and walls,
Wanting to come out, and see,
See the world that we are surrounded by,
Worthless cars, worthless classes to take,
Making us smarter, no it’s getting harder to see,
What will make us be without an outlet, 
Leading to the world that we wish to think of and be.

Some people are stuck, can’t breathe,
Can’t see and hear the laughter of the people that live,
A life of joy, can’t feel the vibrations of the hearts of the valiant,
Stuck in a cage of barbwire,
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Tags: Isolation, Lonely
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Lance Barnwell

20 Mar, 2014 11:31 PM
I'm so alone, but there's no way back
If you can hear me, I'm trapped in the black
He came to see me, the uninvited guest
And with his scythe he crushed my chest
Then he mocked me with his slow hand clapping
As I lay there, my last breaths gasping

I fell from life to a place called dead
The lights went out, but my pneuma fled
If this is the norm I cannot tell
I'm not close to heaven, but near to hell
There's no ticking clock, no time to gauge
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Tags: Death, Despair, Isolation
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Blood, a gift

Kaiza Urai

12 Feb, 2013 07:29 PM
Am I really so unusual
Am I such an awful thing?
That I deserved such prejudice
From you who acts as king?

Look at yourself, so noble and wise
An emperor so bold
To slay your own kin without thought
To keep your stash of gold

I tell you, king, Sir Demigod
All things that live must end
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Tags: Vampire, Blood, Death, Love, Monster, Truth, Slay, Life, Living, Evil, Sin
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