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Sammie Brown

24 Feb, 2014 09:08 AM
I won’t eat 
I will starve
I won’t talk but listen 
I will cut but
I won’t let the pain show 
I will wear black to hind it 
I won’t make fuss of my crying 
I will hind my tears
I won’t let them know of my pain
I will let then hurt me but 
I won’t let them in 
I will stand alone
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Tags: Pain, Crying, Cutting, Tears, Hurt, Depression, Suicide, Suffering, Alone, Selfharm
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Sammie Brown

18 Feb, 2014 11:14 AM
It burns me to see you
Like this
I cant help to feel as if its my fault
I feel so helpless
You were happy till
I came

The tears that you think are hidden
I can see throw your smile
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Tags: Suffering, Helpless, Sadness, Pain, Tears
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20 Jan, 2014 03:55 PM
blod drops are fealing the flor,
and so is the blade,
cous i can not feel the power in my hand any more.

all i can think about is you,
the suffer you cost
the pain theat the lust
spread over my vains.

but i san not hate you.
your beautifull hair,
your adorable lips,
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Tags: Selfharm, Suicide, Suffering, Love, Scary, Sad
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My Demon


06 Sep, 2013 01:31 AM
Late at night I can feel the emptiness
Close my eyes for a second, and there it is 
Slowly killing me on the inside
It's everywhere; I can't hide

I'm running from something invisible
I tried to kill it but its invincible 
When its shadow claws reach out for me 
I cannot breath easily 

My silent screams 
Are worse than bad dreams
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Tags: Pain, Demon, Hurt, Alone, Lost, Darkness, Suffering, Tears
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Sara Crumbley

11 Jul, 2013 04:32 AM
Love and kindness is all around.
Yet, loneliness is still found.
By myself I'll always be,
In a crowded room, I'll all but scream.

Death is certain, this is known;
You cannot run nor hide.
In the darkness I await my time,
Whilst you taunt me all the time.

I could do it, I have the chance.
Yet, I wait for you to come to my side.
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Tags: Scream, Death, Depression, Suffering, Suicide, Dark Mind
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A Single Sound

Kitty Lexuslover

18 May, 2013 04:16 AM
A single sound was all it took
to turn my life upside down
A single sound that engraved itself with in my own mind
The sound of one you loved hitting the ground 
And the pain you felt came from that undying love that now seized to exist 

A vengeful soul 
that now rules over all
Full of hatred 
But only towards myself 
If only I was strong enough to ever listen
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Tags: Love, Death, Suffering
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My Story

Your Worst Nightmare

26 Feb, 2013 09:44 PM
I thought I'd bring a poem
To explain my pain
To show my emotions
To let it bleed

Bleed like my arms did
Bleed like my heart did
Bleed like my self made scars
Bleed like my mind, 
which is just too tired to die

For a long time now
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Tags: Depression, Dark Thought, Sorrow, Suffering, Scar, Selfharm
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Davin Vazquez

14 Nov, 2012 10:33 AM
Death is nothing but compose of something,
We shall ready for anything we were doing;
Would it be the end? would fear stand against?
Fear shall fall, nothing would end up against.

We shall suffer for everything we have done,
Suffer until we are gone;
Any brightness shall fall,
Darkness will take us all.

Ask yourself, for whom you are dealing with,
When seeing someone 11 feet tall;
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Tags: Suffering, Death, Dark, Killing
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Is this life worth living?


25 Nov, 2012 07:23 AM
I often ask myself,
Is this life worth living? 
Will this pain ever stop? 
Am I ever going to wake up?

I feel like I'm frozen still,
Waiting to be set free.

This pain I feel is excruciating!
My heart has been shattered,
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Tags: Suicide, Suffering, Lost, Despair, Pain, Dark
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Alone, scared.

Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:21 PM
Let me Cut,
deep into my wrist.
For if I die,
I wont be missed.
Why would I be missed?

I mean,
look at me,
I'm just a stupid fucking nobody.
if I don't wanna be here,
why should I stay?
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Tags: Alone, Lost, Forgettable, Death, Kill Me, Pain, Suffering
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