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Venom Ash

18 Dec, 2015 10:09 PM
One thought brings another
Over thinking like a flood
Thoughts that should have been gone since ever
I myself, can no longer let go.

Open hearts and carved scratches
Tearing selfharm on the floor
Violent cries
In my mind splashing
As my blood is wetting and crawling til the door
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Tags: Thoughts, Over Thinking, Drowning, Dark Mind, Dark, Darkness
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25 Jan, 2014 07:23 PM
There once was a girl 
Who really loved to write 
She wrote of great peril 
And a dangerous fight 
But the fight was within her 
Unaware was the outside world 
Her mind in a stir 
And thoughts in a whirl 
She wrote this all on a lined sheet 
In the form of a note 
For the darkness was something she could not defeat 
The she wrote her last quote
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Tags: Dark, Suicide, Writing, Thoughts, Suicide Note
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03 Jun, 2013 02:05 AM
As I wait in the darkness 
that surrounds not only my 
body but also my mind, 

I ponder on life. 
The question that makes everything turn upside. 

What is life? 
Why is life so important? 
I wait in the darkness pondering these things.
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Tags: Waiting, Suicide, Death, Dreams, Nightmares, Reality, Darkness
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