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Anthony Kamm

02 May, 2017 04:31 AM
Creeping and crawling away in the dark,
Something is living within my heart.
High beyond the attic door,
There is a creature who screams with a mighty roar.

Writing alone in the dark by candlelight,
It whispers to me and gives me the frights.
Its horrifying tales are filled with gore,
Oh, how I wish I could write no more.

These dreaded tales of a world no more,
I am imprisoned by this wretched whore.
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Tags: Horror, Writing, Darkness
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25 Jan, 2014 07:23 PM
There once was a girl 
Who really loved to write 
She wrote of great peril 
And a dangerous fight 
But the fight was within her 
Unaware was the outside world 
Her mind in a stir 
And thoughts in a whirl 
She wrote this all on a lined sheet 
In the form of a note 
For the darkness was something she could not defeat 
The she wrote her last quote
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Tags: Dark, Suicide, Writing, Thoughts, Suicide Note
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