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This world needs a fresh start. But the only reboot system available is suicide.

- Chad M. Lagiza

my heart pumps no blood any longer for I have breathed my last breath,
now all I can do is hope I chose right when I chose death.
darkness decended as my body was consumed by chills,
the razor stung I should have used the pills.
why do I still feel so much pain have I made a fatal mistake?
by ending the very life I could emotionaly no longer take.
theres no turning back it cant be undone nobody hears my cries,
for I chose death and now must suffer with forever closed eyes.....

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The major difference between the dark and the light:
In the light, you see me.
In the dark, you see the monsters inside me.
In the light, you see my clothes.
In the dark, you see my scars.
In the light, you see a tree.
In the dark, I see my way out.

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You know you’re close to the end when you can no longer find peace within the darkness.


Killing yourself is a pointless. Find something worth dying for. Make anyone who has ever crossed you suffer. Don't give them the satisfaction of you giving in


Sometimes right when i see that face, i want to die

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Depression is the worst thing that can embrace you, You keep falling into this dark never ending pain. It hurts to trip and fall but all you need to do is stand up on your feet.

Thats what matters.


Tell them all, and life is no more. Tell the truth, and your skin is poisoned. Tell a lie to save a friend, and your tears are shed. So tell no one what death really is.


All healthy men have thought of their own suicide

- albert cammus
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I may be burning in the light, but i know that as long as you stay with me, my existence will carry on for infinitude..