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Here I am at a cross road in my life. One path leads to light the other to the dark. which one do I take? Do I take the path that is the light or do I take the path of darkness? My heart tells me go for the light, but my mind says otherwise. Do I dare take the path that will lead me into the darkness not knowing what's in store for me? Should I go for the lighted path so I can see what's coming at me? I just might take the dark path just so I don't have to see what's coming at me.


It doesn't matter where we're from. What we've been through, what we've done.
It's the choices we make that make us who we are.
We can choose to let ourselves fall into darkness.
Or we can choose to make ourselves better.

- Daquay T. Atcherson
Submitted By: DAQUAY ATCHERSON Tags: Hurt, Darkness, Life, Choice

Darkness surrounds us all, but it's our choice to notice it or leave it alone.

- Brooke
Submitted By: Brooke Tags: Alone, Darkness, Choice