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I have a perfect cure for a sore throat.... cut it

- Alfred Hitchcock

What you see in me is what you don't see... And what you don't is what I am.


Light Always Needs A Source Of Energy, Darkness Does Not Need A Source Of Energy. Therefore, Darkness Will Always Beat Light. One Day When Light Dissapears The Darkness Will Prevail.


There are those who are afraid of the dark, not just because its dark, but because of whats inside the darkness.


the pain from the abuse never went away, I just embraced it to become what I am today.


"Never take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive"

- Van Wylder
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It's Hard To Get To Heaven, When You're Born Hell Bound.


The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.

- HP Lovecraft

Humans are cruel and everyone has darkness in their hearts that lead to bad things to happen, some more than others.


You can't break a person the way you do a animal, the harder you beat someone, the taller they stand. To break a someone's will, to break their spirit, you have to break their mind. Most People have this idea that they can fight with dignity You must destroy that idea, show them what a messy horrible thing it is to resist, and then show them that you relish in their pain and fear Shoot to wound, and then execute the wounded, burn them, take them, Destroy their preconceptions of what it is to be human and become their personal monster When they fear you, you become stronger, you become better. But let's never forget, it's a display, it's a posture, like a lions roar, or a gorilla thumping at his chest. If they lose themselves in the display, if they succumb to the horror, and you become the monster. they become reduced, Less then human, they become prey...Your prey.