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Embrace the darkness in your heart and become eternal and consumed into everlasting pleasure.

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"Do you know what the greatest and worst invention that humans ever made was? Television. Television pollutes the mind of those who watch, those who lose themselves in a dream world, afraid of reality. Humans will always seek to escape reality, this gloomy, dark world. So, they immerse themselves in a great, big image formed by little dots of insignificant light. In it's own self, television has become a new religion."

- Londes
Submitted By: Eddie Tags: Dark Thought, Darkness, Dark Mind

"Why try to find true love in a mist contaminated with impurity and desolation. In the end love is a vague dream to chase, you'll come to find your heart cut with thorns bleeding out waiting to die. In the age of unfaithfulness and desires ruling the hearts of many, realization will dig deep within your stapled eyes and open them to reality."


"only the darkness is the true light, it shows what the world is really like"

- brandon davis
Submitted By: brandon Tags: Truth, Darkness

What is there to fear about the darkness or the night? it won't hurt you, the light can. it can burn or blind you, the darkness will only comfort and embrace you

- kai

Life is just a spark in an eternity of darkness.

- Eric Hooft
Submitted By: Eric Hooft Tags: Life, Darkness

The universe started in darkness were light didn't exist, and that is how it will end.
Chaos and suffering is what brings us together. In chaos a man will show who he really is and in suffering he will speak the truth. We are the darkness, we are the evil. But without us there is no darkness nor light.

- Shaun Carlin
Submitted By: AcidSpittingChicken Tags: Darkness, Evil

A man surrounded by darkness knows what it means to see a glimpse of light
but he may not embrace it for he may think of it as just a mirage
just as his life has been

- Rish
Submitted By: Rishabh Batheja Tags: Darkness, Life

Here we are,
waiting for the darkness to relieve our stress,
to get rid of the light when we meet the people we won't be with for much long or we don't wanna be with,
light that shines on us the hot pressure of life we don't wanna face,
we just want to bury our face in that darkness without knowing the rest of our body would always be in light

- Rishabh Batheja
Submitted By: Rishabh Batheja Tags: Darkness, Dark Thought

"The darker picture is always the correct one. When you read the history of the world you are reading a saga of bloodshed and greed and folly the import of which is impossible to ignore. And yet we imagine that the future will somehow be different."

- White
Submitted By: Eddie Tags: Darkness, Dark World, Truth, Dark Mind