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I have a knack for extracting information...along with most of your internal organs

- Daemon Grim - The Reaper
Submitted By: Andy Tags: Grim, Reaper, Death

In hell, everyone can hear you scream

- Daemon Grim - The Reaper
Submitted By: Andy Tags: Death, Reaper, Scream

“Every man dies - Not every man really lives.”

- William Ross Wallace
Submitted By: Rchirex D Tags: Death

Death is the most beautiful truth and the most painless journey towards the eternity.
It's the only friend which never has any expectations in return to the most beautiful gift to us,
freedom from the greedy world.

Tags: Death, Demise

why do you want to live when death is the only thing that gives us freedom.?

Tags: Death, Freedom

The death of the soul is more painful than that of the body.

Tags: Broken, Soul, Pain, Death

Death only has one card. Life has a whole deck.

- Ceil
Submitted By: Cassandra Turner Tags: Truth, Death, Life

Dying is not romantic, and death is not a game which will soon be over... Death is not anything... death is not... It's the absence of presence, nothing more... the endless time of never coming back... a gap you can't see, and when the wind blows through it, it makes not sound...

- Tom Stoppard
Submitted By: Acml Orozco Tags: Dark, Dying, Death

Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.

- Napoleon Bonaparte
Submitted By: Acml Orozco Tags: Death, Dark Thought

Death? You Mean Freedom?

Submitted By: XIII Tags: Death, Freedom