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Life is like a hangman's noose,no matter how much you writhe,it will eventually succeed in its role as your executioner.

Tags: Life, Death

an untimely death is so much better than to live an unwanted life

Tags: Despair, Life, Death

Sometimes the memories are worth the pain.

- Unknown
Submitted By: Violet Tags: Pain, Life, Memories

Where no hope is left, there is no fear.

- Unknown
Submitted By: Violet Tags: Life, Fear, Hope

Living Life to the Fullest often leaves you Empty

Tags: Emptiness, Life

I used to have so many heroes and superheroes but they all failed me. I realized I can be my own hero, I am my own superhero. I've been fighting my own demons my entire life and most of the time I've won.


We all want perfect lives, we never want to be alone
But sometimes life gets so lonely, we turn to people unknown
Desperate for affection, we accept what is shown
We fall into a pattern, we follow the norms
Until we become a mere quantity, a mass-produced clone

Tags: Life, Dark, Loneliness

The corruption and greed of this world has gotten to a point where life is merely a quantity, where freedom is decided by the ones who has enough resources and power to buy it. Justice is only served to those who can afford it. The majority of the population are left with nothing but scraps.

- Chad M. Lagiza

We are who we are, they say. But from the moment we could understand what's happening, we realize, people never want you to be yourself- they just want to see the self that they want to see.

- Chad M. Lagiza
Submitted By: Chad M. Lagiza Tags: Life, Lost, Loneliness

We live our lives working to meet ends meet, to make rich people richer, to feed our family... then we die, not remembering how we spent our lives.

- Chad M. Lagiza
Submitted By: Chad M. Lagiza Tags: Life, Sarcasm, Dark