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If someone does crap to you, do crap back, but, make it 10 times worse.

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Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, the Heads and Tails of a coin. Everything has an opposite, it's a plain as "Day and Night" so why must the majority of people delude themselves and others into thinking the hold only Light?

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People seem have a unnatural fear of the end of the world,sure it's not nice to think about but countless version of it's date exist, so much that it can never be dated right? I think what scares people most is that it keeps not happening. It's funny one day if it does happen it will be the day after people stop believing....the epitome of irony

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When there is no more room on Earth, the stupid will continue to propagate anyway...

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I could say I love all of you and would rather you never leave....but that would be a lie, see for most of you, I'm learning how to live with your existence but grabbing the chainsaw seems like a MUCH.....easier option....

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There are two kinds of people in this world.
Those that I hate and those that I hate more.

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people are fickle at their core, sure they talk about banding together and helping their fellow man but prove that half or a group will die and they must choose who, chances are thy won't even try to form a alternate outcome.


sometimes you look at people and see them as the best of friends, other times you look at people and want to give them a makeover with a chainsaw...