Come Little Children by Book Of Shadow

Tags: Book Of Shadow, Gothic

I want my innocence back by Emilie Autumn

Tags: Dark, Female Voice

Aeron by NATZure

Tags: Music, Electrical, Instrumental

I Want To Die by Mortal Love

Tags: Life, Death, Die, Love, Hate, Suffering, Pain, Lonely, Dark Soul

The Everlasting Scar by Draconian

Tags: Draconian, Pai, Death, Hurt, Suffering

Lullaby by Nox Arcana

Tags: Instrumental, Music, Nox Arcana

Full Moon Madness by Moonspell

Tags: Full Moon, Wolves, Madness, Pain

Soul In Isolation by Evelyn

Tags: Dark, Bleeding, Lost, Dark Art

Hallowed By The Name by Cradle Of Filth

Tags: Death, Life, Lost, Dark Thought

Seasons Apart by Draconian

Tags: Dark Thought, Sollitude, Pain, Heal, Dark, Draconian

War Pigs by Black Sabbath

Tags: Darkness, Witch, Death, Pig, Satan, Dark World

Born in a burial gown by Cradle of filth

Tags: Dark Thought, Burial, Grave, Creepy, Fear, Dark, Gothic

Morphine Cloud by Draconian

Tags: Dark, Spirit, Haunted, Shadows

The Loss and Endearvour of Divinity by Nox Aurea

Tags: Spirits, Night, Despair, Divinity, Nox Aurea

The Cliff of suicide by Gothica

Tags: Dark, Corpses, Suicide, Gothica