Gods Silence by Elis

Tags: Dark Thought, God, Darkness, Silent

The Gothic Embrace by Draconian

Tags: Gothic, Lucifer, God, Emptiness, Dark World, Night

Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus

Tags: Death, Dead, Tomb, Dark, Gothic, Bauhaus

Season of the witch by Dr John And The Blues Brothers Band

Tags: Witch, Weird, Creepy, Dark, Dr John And The Blues Brothers Band

I am a fake by The Used

Tags: Fake Life, Cut, Kill, Hurt, Lost, Depressed, The Used

A Celtic Lore by Adrian Von Ziegler

Tags: Celtic, Dark Art, Instrumental, Music

Human Antithesis by Void Of Silence

Tags: Broken Soul, Death, Salvation, Dark Thought, Darkness, Void Of Silence

Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath

Tags: Dark, Satan, Scary, Desire, Flames, Dark Song, Black Sabbath

Duality by Slipknot

Tags: Pain, Suffering, Scary, Horror, Slipknot

The last gate by Root

Tags: Demon, Satanic Story, Root

She Dies by Draconian

Tags: Death, Dark, Draconian, Beauty And The Beast

Death, Come Near Me by Draconian

Tags: Death, Pain, Suffering, Draconian

Scary Music by Unknown

Tags: Scary, Music

Horror Music by unknown

Tags: Scary, Music

Scary Halloween piano instrumental by unknown

Tags: Piano, Music, Scary