My Immortal by Evanescence

Tags: Gothic, Evanscence, Female Voice

I Must Be Dreaming by Evanescence

Tags: Datk, Evanscence, Gothic, Despair, Female Voice

Cry For The Moon by Epica

Tags: Female Voice, Soft, Epica

Beyond The Invisible by Enigma

Tags: Mysterious, Dark, Enigma

Devil's Temptation by Elis

Tags: Dark, Temptation, Female Voice, Elis

The Solitude by Draconian

Tags: Dark, Metal, Gothic, Draconian

This is halloween by Danny Elfman

Tags: Halloween, Kids

Bittersweet by Apocalyptica

Tags: Death, Dark, Gothic, Cello, Apocalyptica

Melancholy Requiem by Silent Hill

Tags: Music, Scary, Silent Hill

Venus in Fear by Cradle of Filth

Tags: Scary, Music, Horror, Cradle Of Filth

Nymphatamine by Cradle of Filth

Tags: Metal, Cradle Of Filth, Female Voice

Save Me From Myself by Sirenia

Tags: Dark, Female Voice, Soft, Sirenia