Lies by Evanescence

Tags: Evanscence, Scary, Female Voice

Epic Horror Music by Various

Tags: Music, Horror, Instrumental

Satanic Mantra by Cradle of Filth

Tags: Scary, Creepy, Music, Cradle Of Filth

Until the Dark by Sins of Thy Beloved

Tags: Soft, Violin, Female Voice, Gothic, Sins Of Thy Beloved

Lullaby by Nox Arcana

Tags: Instrumental, Music, Nox Arcana

Winter Dawn by Tiamat

Tags: Tiamat, Gothic

The Scarred People by Tiamat

Tags: Tiamat, Night, Sacred

Soul In Isolation by Evelyn

Tags: Dark, Bleeding, Lost, Dark Art

When he falleth by Theater Of Tragedy

Tags: Dark, Religion, Believe, Female Voice, Theatre Of Tragedy, Beauty And The Beast

Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath

Tags: Dark, Satan, Scary, Desire, Flames, Dark Song, Black Sabbath

Haunted by Evanescence

Tags: Dark, Scary, Evanscence, Female Voice

Full Moon Madness by Moonspell

Tags: Full Moon, Wolves, Madness, Pain

Tombstone by New Years Day

Tags: New Years Day, Death, Missing

Tragic Idol by Paradise Lost

Tags: Paradise Lost, Metal, Dark World

Hallowed By The Name by Cradle Of Filth

Tags: Death, Life, Lost, Dark Thought