Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus

Tags: Death, Dead, Tomb, Dark, Gothic, Bauhaus

Hallow's Eve by Type O Negative

Tags: Type O Negative, Gothic

Save Me From Myself by Sirenia

Tags: Dark, Female Voice, Soft, Sirenia

Duality by Slipknot

Tags: Pain, Suffering, Scary, Horror, Slipknot

I am a fake by The Used

Tags: Fake Life, Cut, Kill, Hurt, Lost, Depressed, The Used

The Uglies by Harley Poe

Tags: Harley Poe, Missing, Goodbye

Venus in Fear by Cradle of Filth

Tags: Scary, Music, Horror, Cradle Of Filth

The Gothic Embrace by Draconian

Tags: Gothic, Lucifer, God, Emptiness, Dark World, Night

Human Antithesis by Void Of Silence

Tags: Broken Soul, Death, Salvation, Dark Thought, Darkness, Void Of Silence

Tourniquet by Evanescence

Tags: Dark, Death, Evanscence, Female Voice

Room of Angel by Silent Hill

Tags: Scary, Creepy, Silent Hill

Scary Music by Unknown

Tags: Scary, Music

My Love by Sins of Thy Beloved

Tags: Violin, Metal, Female Voice, Sins Of Thy Beloved

Nocturne by Nox Arcana

Tags: Scary, Music, Nox Arcana

I Must Be Dreaming by Evanescence

Tags: Datk, Evanscence, Gothic, Despair, Female Voice