This man of white

Kimberley Chapman

02 Apr, 2013 12:46 AM

Robes of the silkiest satin. The softest shade of blue you could ever imagine gently protects his ginger hands. Skin like mocha perfection, yet smooth and yielding. The strongest green eyes; they made me feel like I was looking into a spyglass at the greenest meadows of Spring. Long smoky lashes billow around them, framing them amazingly. His perfectly chiseled cheekbones make him a very gorgeous character indeed. Short spiked black hair that seemed to scream sophistication completed the look. White as snow, he glowed with such radiance that you could almost swear he was an angel just by looking at him. Then suddenly, he pulls his robes off to show his entire outfit. On his hip he has a set of (obviously freshly sharpened) daggers in an oblong sheath strapped in place. He wears white dress slacks and a long sleeve button down dress shirt un-tucked with a loose black tie hanging around his neck. His figure seemed absolutely flawless. If you knew him as well as I, you would know his only flaw.

I will tell you now; he has but one hand. His left hand has been removed for unknown causes. No one but me has ever seen it because of the gloves he wears. You could never even consider it mostly because he never touches anyone with that hand, but also because he somehow gets the glove to work completely like he has a hand there, but he doesn't. I've been seeing this man since my 7th birthday. He usually comes and tells me stories of my past and my dad. I listen to his angelic voice intently as he whispers softly in my ear. I've been seeing him a lot lately and in random places too.

I'll look over, he's sitting or standing there. Blink, he's gone. It confuses me a bit. He'll whisper in my ear things like"I'm watching" and"Don't worry." I used to think of him as a guardian angel until one day. He came to me and told me a horrific story about my Father. I had belted out a loud scream as he kept telling it, not changed in any way by the ear-bursting noise. He only shot a quick glare, then kept telling me this painful story. I yelled repeatedly for him to stop, but he kept on. I told him to leave me alone and he shot me a look and in a millisecond his robe was off and a dagger in my left upper thigh. I screeched in pain and it was gushing blood. I almost threw up at the sight of it, lead alone it was me that was bleeding. He then preceded to grab my wrists and thrust me against the wall like in the story he just told me. He leaned in and whispered so softly, but so roughly in my ear," Shh or else you will leave with me and never come back." All of a sudden I couldn't breathe and went on to almost choking to death on something lodged in my throat I don't remember putting in my mouth. He then ripped off my sweater and burned it in front of me, telling me to forget about what just happened to me. He put his robe on, looked at me, tipped his head, and disappeared.

I then violently awoke to laying in bed with Timmy, John and Manny in my face telling me to relax and breathe. I couldn't stop shivering and looking around, trying to remember how I got to my bed form the opposite corner of my room where I last remember being. I looked on the ground where I was sitting when he stabbed me and there was a puddle of blood. I looked at the wall where he held me and there was a large red "X". I screamed out in pain as I heard in my ear,"Never forget me again, Kimberley. NEVER." I then felt the scraping of a knife against my cheek. I screamed and shook, trying to get him away from me, unable to since there wasn't anything there. I lost all grip on reality at that moment. I could only see blood, hear the screaming in agony of my vocal cords being stripped clean from the pain. He seemed to know what he was doing, leaving a clearly large gash on my leg when I looked down. My eyes bulged out as I saw it was there still, thinking I could gain grip on my life and remember it's "all just a dream".

I was always afraid that my imagination would hurt me one day. Sad to say, it has. I had fallen asleep on my side, I was reading like usual. I had remembered that this room had once claimed my consciousness as it's own, mentally hurting me, but never physically. I had awoken with my mum by my side, she said she was about to leave. I sat up and suddenly felt a sharp pang of pain in my right arm. I immediately whispered "ouch" and my mum asked me what's wrong. I told her my arm hurt for some reason. I pulled up my sweater sleeve to reveal long thin cuts all along my inner arm from my wrist to my elbow. They were too think to be knife cuts or scratches from my nails. I couldn't have done this myself, I thought. I kept looking at it. I got up and went to the bathroom. I was washing my face like usual, and I found another one. straight across my jawline. It goes from my ear to my chin on the left side. My arm was bleeding now for some reason, so I washed it off and put some ointment on it. I went on for the next few days just cleaning it up and taking care of it. the jawline scratch left the next day, but comes back when I look into the bathroom mirror. It is beginning to freak me out a little bit now. I'm worrying that he could hurt me physically from my dreams.

Is it possible? That he truly could? What if he just took over my consciousness and made me do it? What if I hadn't actually done it? What if it was all just a dream?? My brain is running circles around all these thoughts that COULD be true, making me more and more frightened with every moment I think about it. I tell my mum about this all, and she tells me all of it is just a dream and to just forget about it. As soon as I get to school, I open up to one of my friends. I show her the picture I drew of him and told her all about the experiences. I never once mentioned to anyone that he used to be an innocent little boy who used to be my imaginary friend. He grew up a lot since I last saw him, but remember everything about him. My friend, Allyson, had also told me she had seen him once before. He was holding my hand when we were in Elementary school. I told her after that that I always thought he was my imaginary friend. I knew now that he was very much real, and very much frightening. I now was afraid for my life, since he was real, but able to disappear at the drop of a hat. I constantly thought over my memories of me and him. We used to play all the time, mostly because I really didn't have friends. Once I got a bunch of friends at school, I didn't really talk to him all that much. I never really saw him anymore, so I figured he had just moved on to another helpless girl that needed a friend. Now I know he never left. The dark shadows that move at night... That was him. Watching me. Keeping me safe from harm. I would wake up with bruises. Unknown to anyone, I thought I had just fallen off the bed and my mum picked me up and put me back. I went on with life. Happy as a flower in the sunshine. Now I'm just scared for my life, afraid now that at any moment, he could show up, kill me, and then just disappear from sight. Unable to be traced by any human being. What went from my mind to my reality was his name. I've done some research and found a few different sites. All tell different stories, but none really fit. I at first thought he was a guardian angel, here to protect me from evil and darkness. Now I fear the light, and explore the darkness. After all of this, I thought he was just a demon, here to take me away from Earth. I kept researching, and couldn't find any straight answer. If anyone wants to help me, he told me his name was Carthius. I'm not sure if it's with a C or a K, but if anyone could help me it would be amazing. Thanks!

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