The Wrong Person

Xyla Baites

24 Jul, 2013 04:38 AM

His fluorescent blue eyes, rimmed with black eyeliner and kohl, pin me in place. A light dust of black blush rests on his slim cheekbones. Black lipstick and lipliner enhances the effect of his tempting lips. He comes closer. I tangle a hand in his short, luscious black hair. Our lips meet, his groan reverberating through his throat.

"John," he moans as he backs me up against the wall. "Frakking hell, Eric," I pant as he hooks my legs around his waist. His lips move to my neck, and my body responds strongly.

"Already hard?" he smirks against my neck as a hand cups my groin.
"I want you. All of you." My breath is ragged.
"I need your debt first."
"Go a-ahead."

I feel a small prick against my neck and gasp sharply when he starts sucking my blood. His lips return to mine and I can taste my blood there. For some sick reason, I enjoy licking my blood off of his chin, and I can feel his hips hard against mine.

In the morning, my eyes flicker open to meet a pair of strikingly blue eyes.

"I loved last night," I stretch my arms out and smile at him.
"And I love you," he purrs, trailing a hand down my chest.
"You know your fangs turn me on so much," I groan, rolling onto my side to face him properly. He bares them and I chuckle, leaning over to kiss him. His teeth fill his mouth, and my tongue dances around them. "And you know that sucking your blood fulfills me to no end," he counters when we separate. "Do you want more?" I tease, reaching a hand below the covers and resting it on his hip. "Are you offering?" he growls playfully. I just tilt my head to the side slightly to give him easier access. He changes before my eyes. Eyes glow and fangs elongate.

God, he looks so dangerous, and so sexy. Deadly sin flares in his eyes, and when his mouth latches onto my neck, where my blood is racing through my veins, it arouses something deep within so dark I'm tempted to give in to it. The gay vampire next to me hums with satisfaction when he's done, and seals the wound.

When he kisses me again, I bite his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood, and cave to my rough, sadistic fantasies.

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