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19 Dec, 2012 11:46 PM

I awoke this morning with a feeling of peace. It was eerie. My coffee maker emitted a familiarly delicious aroma. My eyes crusted over with the dust of sleep would not function properly until the first cup of rejuvenation had been ingested. I stumbled from my room down the long green carpeted hallway, Cursing the day from under my breath. The sunshine danced happily across the floating speckles in the air and leaped from the window sill to the carpeted living space. Somethings should be forced to wait until the afternoon, I thought. I ransacted the cupboard for my cool black mug, and moved religiously towards the maker of the sweet brown nectar of gods. The kitchen linoleum was chilly. This is an odd occurence in the summer. I tripped over my wifes cat who had been rummaging through some of my old college papers. The gray dwarf cat would... [Read More]

Tags: Horror, Beast, Thriler, Suspense
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