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Nathanael Swenson

01 May, 2013 07:10 PM

A sweet child... a sweet... innocent child, torn to shreds. This young boy is dead in a storm drain on Red grove Dr in Missy, Wisconsin. Somewhere across the street, a mother (father CRAZY!) just entered her neat, white, cookie cutter home unknowing that her precious, "little man", has slipped away, died, seen the light. A mother who didn't understand,"The Gift" (YES!)that took her son's life away. A gift that people would call, "hallucinations", but that's because people don't know (I KNOW!!!!). The boy's name is Johnny and it was 2 hours after he was tucked into bed by his mother (I LOVE HIM TOO!!!) that screams were heard next door. The screams not only triggered phone calls to the police but also attracted the attention of everyone on their block (Red grove Dr. RED GROVE DRIVE!). All the men and woman (Most of whom were still in their night... [Read More]

Tags: Scary, Wierd, Strange, Nightmare, Dead, Neighbors, Seperation, Crazy, Creepy, Mysterious
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10 Dec, 2012 03:14 AM

Red eyes watched the victim crawl in an attempt to flee, the female demon walked behind her victim. Her black leather boots tapping the stone floor she walked on. Her black glossy hair blew in the wind coming from an open window; her short black dress with ruffles on the bottom had blood stains on it. Her white horns poked out of her hair and gleamed in the light of the moon, her pale skin seemed to glow in the moonlight. She continued to chase after her victim, lightly giving her grey wings a flap to scare him. The cowering man tired tipping things over and throwing things to slow her down but it didn’t work, whenever he would do so she would either chop the item in half with her weapon or she would use her black tail to catch it and throw it aside. Finally the female demon... [Read More]

Tags: Demon, Death, Blood, Blood Lust
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