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The Wrong Person

Xyla Baites

24 Jul, 2013 04:38 AM

His fluorescent blue eyes, rimmed with black eyeliner and kohl, pin me in place. A light dust of black blush rests on his slim cheekbones. Black lipstick and lipliner enhances the effect of his tempting lips. He comes closer. I tangle a hand in his short, luscious black hair. Our lips meet, his groan reverberating through his throat. "John," he moans as he backs me up against the wall. "Frakking hell, Eric," I pant as he hooks my legs around his waist. His lips move to my neck, and my body responds strongly. "Already hard?" he smirks against my neck as a hand cups my groin. "I want you. All of you." My breath is ragged. "I need your debt first." "Go a-ahead." I feel a small prick against my neck and gasp sharply when he starts sucking my blood. His lips return to mine and I can taste my... [Read More]

Tags: Vampire, Gay, Dark Creature, Dark Mind
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