Dark Scary and Ghost Vidoes

Dark scary videos can be frightening to watch. But it can be very intriguing to watch as well. It can give you the chill, goose bumps or leave you shocked and with your jaw dropped. As a lover of darkness, these are something which you definitely enjoy. that's why in this section we have collected some of the best dark videos found on the internet. Videos in here can be of different types. It could be a video of haunted house, a dark music video performed by a band, ghost seeing videos or it could be anything which has some sorts of dark element in it.

Ghost Videos

To the lover of darkness, ghost has a special place in their heart. They seem to enjoy anything that is related to ghost. Knowing this we have created a separated sub category for all the ghost related videos. If you love ghost videos then please check out the following link. Here you will find all of our videos which are somehow connected with ghost or ghostly matters

Ghost Videos
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Silent Hills Playable Teaser

The most horrifying game on earth is back with a playable teaser. This is the gameplay video of player being lost in an endless house. He just keeps opening the same door and come back to the opening of the house like a loop. Watch it to know what terror is.

Tags: Horror, Silent Hill, Murder, Ghost, Creepy
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game, trailer, silent hill, scary, creepy, dark

Silent Hill - The Room

"Silent Hill - The Room" is the scariest game in the gaming history. If you play video game, this game is a must for you. It will creep you out like no other movie or games. The best horror experience awaits you.

Tags: Game, Trailer, Silent Hill, Scary, Creepy, Dark
Votes: 13
game, trailer, amnesia, horror, creepy, ghost, scary

Amnesia-The Dark Decent

One of most terrifying game you will ever play. This game is so shocking that you will nightmare. This is a gameplay from the game. Just watch it and you will see what terror is awaiting you.

Tags: Game, Trailer, Amnesia, Horror, Creepy, Ghost, Scary
Votes: 12
spirit, ghost, scary, true

Scary Video

Some scary videos which will make u think twice before you turn off the light at night.....

Tags: Spirit, Ghost, Scary, True
Votes: 6
ghost, scary

The Moving Chair

Watch how the chair moves without anyone's presence.

Tags: Ghost, Scary
Votes: 6
scary, ghost, night, girl

Lights Outs

Home alone at night, scared out of your mind. A short film created by David Sandberg With Lotta.

Tags: Scary, Ghost, Night, Girl
Votes: 5
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Creepiest Places Of The Earth

Creepiness can be hard to define. Although the dictionary definition would be something along the lines of "annoyingly unpleasant" if you ask a hundred people you'll most likely get a hundred different explanations. Keeping that in mind get ready to embark on a journey to some of the more spine tingling (or annoyingly unpleasant) corners of the globe. These are the 25 creepiest places on Earth.

Tags: Creepy, Dark World, Scary
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American Horror Story, tv series, trailer

American Horror Story: Promo Trailer Collection

"American Horror Story" is one of the best horror TV series of this generation. It has already started it's second season. This video is a compilation of all the promo trailers that was released before the show was aired. Every clip is creepy and dark in here. After watching this you will definitely want to see the TV series itself.

Tags: American Horror Story, Tv Series, Trailer
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short movie

I Heard It Too

A mother puts her daughter to bed but when she wakes up, is it really her mother calling her name?

Tags: Short Movie
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Very scary car driving

Nice country drive but it will give ya Heart attack, you have been warned!!!!!

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