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Silent Hills Playable Teaser

The most horrifying game on earth is back with a playable teaser. This is the gameplay video of player being lost in an endless house. He just keeps opening the same door and come back to the opening of the house like a loop. Watch it to know what terror is.

Tags: Horror, Silent Hill, Murder, Ghost, Creepy
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Silent Hill - The Room

"Silent Hill - The Room" is the scariest game in the gaming history. If you play video game, this game is a must for you. It will creep you out like no other movie or games. The best horror experience awaits you.

Tags: Game, Trailer, Silent Hill, Scary, Creepy, Dark
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Amnesia-The Dark Decent

One of most terrifying game you will ever play. This game is so shocking that you will nightmare. This is a gameplay from the game. Just watch it and you will see what terror is awaiting you.

Tags: Game, Trailer, Amnesia, Horror, Creepy, Ghost, Scary
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Creepiest Places Of The Earth

Creepiness can be hard to define. Although the dictionary definition would be something along the lines of "annoyingly unpleasant" if you ask a hundred people you'll most likely get a hundred different explanations. Keeping that in mind get ready to embark on a journey to some of the more spine tingling (or annoyingly unpleasant) corners of the globe. These are the 25 creepiest places on Earth.

Tags: Creepy, Dark World, Scary
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The Smiling Man

A young girl, home alone, comes face to face with evil.

Tags: Short Movie, Evil, Creepy
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Cursed Dolls

Top 10 cursed dolls tale

Tags: Creepy, Cursed, Horror, Doll
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Mr Creak

A woman finds terrifying messages in an old toy house, reciting the rhyme of Mr Creak.

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short movie, horror, creepy


A woman wakes to the sound of her phone ringing, and what she discovers is truly chilling.

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5 Scariest Haunted Toys

Haunted dolls, haunted toys and cursed video games. Forget about Christmas... it's time for Halloween.

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