Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

Amy Faltot

18 Aug, 2016 11:01 AM
Alone in my own shadow, waiting to find a single day
 To penetrate this foggy atmosphere, I fear I'll find decay
 When the clouds have parted, will I find that I'm a damaged soul
 Or some wooden walls I rest while submerged amongst the soil?
 Still attempting to establish the ground I stand upon but finding cliffs
 I'm too tired to rebuild foundations so I sleep on rocks and sticks
 That's all I get, cause my brain tells me I deserve way less
 All I need is a bullet in the center of my chest

 I tried my hand at alchemy to make myself a heart of gold
 But all I got was arteries collecting copper and molten boring holes
 Inside my veins, I'll paint a faint depiction of my body now
 That ugliness inside my head, it's turned itself inside out
 Broken mirrors reflect the way my fragile ego holds
 Itself together, it's non-existent, like my grave collecting roses, so 
 I've grown to know that this is anything but temporary
 Every single day begins with once upon a midnight dreary

Written by 15 year old
Tags: Death, Dark
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