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Little bird's crime

Venom Ash

05 Dec, 2015 08:37 PM
Come come little birdy
Come come little birdy
With these colorful wings
You can spread them all over
And make a rainbow
If you try

Come come little birdy
Come come little birdy
This is your new home
Just a small cage
For the whole place
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Tags: Bird, Bloody, Dark, Sad, Crime
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Deathblow the Killa

DC Martin

19 May, 2012 04:40 PM
Time for my story, its about to be told, 
bout a sick motherf*cker bout 30 years old.
I'm a creeper and a killa, the kind OG's fear,
Not a baller or a player, 
so you better listen here.

Born from the bowels of the hell below, 
I'm a vicious psycho killer 
by the name of Deathblow.
Raised on misery, I fed on pain, 
my cradle was the street top, my blanket, the rain.
grew stronger and stronger
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Tags: Serial Killer, Death, Psycho, Killer, Crime
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