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17 Sep, 2015 09:45 AM
I am the darkness which will always remain
who follows your footsteps and whispers your name
I linger behind you, a reminder, a refrain.
who sings you sweet nothing, and plays all of your games
I move with all of your gestures and mirrors your soul
I am your gray side, the blackness, the coal
I live without substance and burn without fire
I am your truth, your mimic, and liar
I chase you without running, I follow your lead

I'm always behind you
I am the darkness you bleed
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20 Sep, 2015 11:19 AM
I look into the mirror and the only one I see,
Is the presence of my lover, and a face that’s haunting me,
The one I gave up life for, the one I thought so fair,
The one I never realized hid a promise of despair.

What started as a dream, from the tedium of life,
Quickly turned to sorrow cutting deeper than a knife,
For little did I know that the visions haunting me,
Were a precursor of the void to come, and stark calamity!

For you said,
“I am the blackness in your head,
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Robert Hernandez

28 Jul, 2015 10:16 PM
"Creating the division between thought and reality
Depriving my source of purity
Walking the plane of my own discord, of which there is no end

Reaching the cliff in comfort
I look down upon what awaits me
There is no Darkness, Isolation or Woe
For I reciprocated the concept, living in illusion

One step over as my body drops 
For I am not falling, rather flying
Flying into bliss
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Tags: Dark, Change, Internal, Creative
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The Curse of Nyx.

Pride Ed

18 Jun, 2015 07:28 PM
Amidst the blackness of a frost-covered glen,
Charon sought the help of his darkest kin:

“Beautiful Nyx, I elicit thee
For thy shadow’s baleful trickery!
A night hath worshiped thine darkling sin.
Prithee, dear Nyx... Come unto me.”

“Dearest Charon, who calls me with glee,
Why hast thou summoned me?”
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Tags: Dark, Spells, Moon, Mythology
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Callisto's Lament.

Pride Ed

18 Jun, 2015 07:21 PM
Reflected upon the baleful ravages of thy skin,
Who hath seen much more than the skin of thy kin.
Behold the expansive silence; scarred arms held outward,
Touching the dying energies of stars long since devoured!

“I’ve yearned to perish too like their extinguished pyres,
But I’m doomed to die here as a frozen tomb.
Eons upon eons pass betwixt cataclysmic fires
As my insides slowly became a barren womb.”

Drained by impatience and ceaseless woe,
Thy seldom wondered whence the soul may go.
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Tags: Sad, Pain, Mythology, Moon, Dark
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Death Row

James Catherson

14 May, 2015 04:36 PM
Hands deep in my pockets
Sweat filling legs 
Walking with anxiety 
Reaching closer 

Arriving affront the gates of hades 
Heart stopping
Insides leaking
Life struck insight of death

Gripping me by my neck
Pealing deep into my esophagus
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Darkest Love

John Kelley Sr.

19 Mar, 2015 03:04 PM
In this world of men that we call Home
There are so many types of people and other beings too.
When you meet someone new, feel them out
Make sure that they are not a Scout.

Soul suckers abound in their thousands
Taking control of their surroundings.
Beautiful women luring men to their certain Doom
Devouring their very Souls as they just smiled.

Sanguine lovers welcome them too
Biting down with fangs razor sharp
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Tags: Love, Dark
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The Death in Me.

Pride Ed

23 Feb, 2015 12:53 AM
I've laid faced-down for so long;
my heart is asleep.

It thumps like static through
my atretic cavities. 
It contorts as my lungs try to 
scream it awake. 

Each breath prolongs the
eventual decay of my diaphragm,
even as my insides already 
float in it's own purulence.
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Tags: Death, Heartache, Pain, Decay, Dark
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The Neverending.

Pride Ed

08 Jan, 2015 09:17 PM
I find you rattling my cage at midnight;
bones exposed, rapping on the iron bars

that trap the clandestine, and the lucifugous.

The beatings were nonstop, almost profuse
in nature with invectives

that I’ve howled at the moon (like scared
children in rags, we howled at the moon),

and the cold stars wept salted tears that felt
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Tags: Pain, Dark, Sadness, Anger, Hate, Death
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The Corruption.

Pride Ed

08 Jan, 2015 09:15 PM
So precious; so useless;
this Tree of Virtues has perished
amidst my angry tempest,
laid to waste by carnal desire.

I’ve realized many moons ago,
that brutality and lust are the same
as we delighted in the tremulous
movements of the frightened!

Diabolical wraiths extol our
actions; haughty arrogance
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Tags: Sins, Hell, Dark, Anger
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