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About Me: Heyyyy! Well, let's see. I love stories, saying, reading and writing them! I love reading and writing in general, actually. I also love cats. A few things about me: I have blond hair and green/blue/grey eyes. And red glasses. Everyone tells me I look creepy without them. I also know how to imitate a Scary Girl Voice very well. I'm a joker, and I love making people laugh. I'm like the Less Energetic Version of Pinkie Pie. You may have noticed I'm more happy than other people you might meet on a scary story site. Well, although admittedly I am cheerful and funny, I like to believe that all cheery natures hide a dark side. You never know what I might be hiding... *evil grin* Anyway, keep being awesome and Just Smile! (weird thing to say on this site but whatever!)
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