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Top 5 Dark Songs

11 Jan, 2013 03:43 AM

I listen to dark music when I want some time alone to myself because I want to sink into imagination that takes me away from the hassles of this word. And today I will take you through five of my favorite dark songs that I recommend you should listen to.
Among the many dark songs that I have come across, I like "Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear by Sirenia" the most. It has a classical rhythm about it and makes you listen to more. The piano keynotes, as they get higher take you into a dreamy, lonely place. I imagine myself running through dark, misty woods towards a ray of light yet the more I run the farther the light seems to be. It’s drizzling and the clouds are thundering yet I fight my way through the raindrops. The higher the keynotes get the faster I run and I’m... [Read More]

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