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Name: Fallen_Angels_Cant_fly
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About Me: Hi! I love to write, poetry mostly but I write stories too, I love hearing what you think about my work and im open to suggestions. My poems are made up of my emotions its like my way of a diary. I never knew there was a cite that i could vent like this... i feel like i fit in here, because im not the only dark person ... anyways.. :D i have books and books full of my own fan fics,poetry and stories... i will try to post as much as i can! hope you enjoy my work!
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thankyou! :)
thankyou! ill be posting more soon!!
I love this it totally describes me lol
lol that's weird I wrote this while listening to BVB one day....
thanks!!! I'll try and see is i can think of a story based on this one :)