Dark Death Poems and Poetry

Dark poems and poetry are poems which has some sort of dark elements to it. It could be a poem about some horrific events, suffering, ghostly entities, death, Halloween, horror etc. Reading these sorts of poems will leave you in a twisted, disturbing and creepy state of mind. And for the lover of darkness that's where the fun is. So go ahead and start reading these poems at your own pace.
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Death Poems and Poetry

Death poem and poetry is a part of Dark poems. It is so popular that we had to have a different sub category defined for it. As the name suggest, these are the poems which deals with death in their context. Please do not confuse these poems with sad poems. A death poem can of course be sad but all poems collected here are 'Dark' Death poems. It might be sad poems or might just not be. If you want to filter all of these poems in this section by 'Death' poems, the please click on the tag that says 'Death'.

The one that...

Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:33 PM
Take my hand,
Drips of tears.
Lead me out of here.

Tears continue to pour.
I start to fade away.
What was once Bright,
quickly turns Black.
My heart?
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Tags: Bye, Dead, Death, Suicide, Tears, Pain
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The Silent Sea

Lance Barnwell

19 Aug, 2016 01:36 PM
So I slip beneath the waves of the silent sea
And it's such a cold and fucking lonely place to be
I search, I reach out to the glistening surface
But my fumbling fingers can't grasp, can't get no purchase

And you look down on me, with your red eyes glaring
You're refracted black on black, with a hunchback's bearing
And I can't hear, I can't hear a fucking thing
As the jellyfish bob and the stingrays sting

Now my sweet air is leaving in desperate bubbles
Taking with them all of my toils and troubles
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Tags: Death, Dark, Alone, Pain, Devil, Purgatory
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~Desolate Wastelands~

Midnyt Ravyn

23 Jul, 2016 08:15 PM
Arriving on horseback 
To this dark desolate 
Barring wasteland 
Where time don't exist 

And that hanging man 
Was one soul this forsaken town 
Showed no mercy and drove 
That man to loneliness and despair 

To prove a point that anyone 
Who comes here will lose their mind
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Tags: Darkness, Death
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Burying the planet

Rishabh Batheja

03 Aug, 2016 06:45 PM
Suite 1

Dissonance, envy, wrath
we humans are consuming each other's soul
the soul of the very planet
that keeps us afloat
I am the past
bleak is the present
from future come the shadows
to gulp our serenity
burying us alive
beneath our so-called homes
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Tags: Shadow, Death
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Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

Amy Faltot

18 Aug, 2016 11:01 AM
Alone in my own shadow, waiting to find a single day
 To penetrate this foggy atmosphere, I fear I'll find decay
 When the clouds have parted, will I find that I'm a damaged soul
 Or some wooden walls I rest while submerged amongst the soil?
 Still attempting to establish the ground I stand upon but finding cliffs
 I'm too tired to rebuild foundations so I sleep on rocks and sticks
 That's all I get, cause my brain tells me I deserve way less
 All I need is a bullet in the center of my chest

 I tried my hand at alchemy to make myself a heart of gold
 But all I got was arteries collecting copper and molten boring holes
 Inside my veins, I'll paint a faint depiction of my body now
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Tags: Death, Dark
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~Cloaked In Darkness~

Midnyt Ravyn

23 Jul, 2016 07:38 PM
As night falls down 
Through the mists 
The silhouette of shadows 
Creep through twisted trees 

There is a stillness in the silence 
I hate the way the light casts 
On the images of shadows as they pass 
The silence is shattered 

By the monsters in my head 
Listen to the whispers
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Tags: Depression, Dark Mind
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~Psychotic Rage~

Midnyt Ravyn

23 Jul, 2016 06:49 PM
Weakened by the blow
Dizzy from the haze 
I'm caught in the crossfire 
Once again you go 

Into your psychotic rage 
Leaving me breathless 
I'm overcome with hate 
Your laughter deafens me 

While I whither in pain 
Taken away my sanity
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Tags: Anger, Abuse, Hurt
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~My Mask~

Midnyt Ravyn

23 Jul, 2016 06:31 PM
Tried to kill the pain only brought more
Running from the truth 
A disguise I secretly hide
Behind my mask that conceals the lie

Enveloped in my darkness
Smothered in my demise
I'm the burning embers
The ashes in the fire

I fall into the nothing I become
Losing control coming undone
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Tags: Pain, Depression
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21 Jul, 2016 07:59 AM
I'm not sure if I'm a human with flesh and bone, 
Or if I'm a ghost that killed myself when I was alone, 
I literally cannot tell if I'm dead or alive, 
Maybe I'm a cosmic vampire, taking people’s energy to survive. 

I've decided I am dead in some way or another, 
My imprint of my old self is now buried down under, 
Zane Murray: Requiescat in Pace, or rest in peace, 
Buried in mud under a silk white fleece.
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Tags: Depression, Ghost, Dead, Death, Suicide, Alone
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20 Jul, 2016 12:39 PM
I lay in fields of dying
flowers, perhaps leaves,
maybe even a sea of 
black feathers circling
around me. The cold
autumn winds violently
push me further and
further away from

my governess

who was frantically
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Tags: Darkness, Depression, Demon, Sin, Nightmare
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