Dark Death Poems and Poetry

Dark poems and poetry are poems which has some sort of dark elements to it. It could be a poem about some horrific events, suffering, ghostly entities, death, Halloween, horror etc. Reading these sorts of poems will leave you in a twisted, disturbing and creepy state of mind. And for the lover of darkness that's where the fun is. So go ahead and start reading these poems at your own pace.
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Death Poems and Poetry

Death poem and poetry is a part of Dark poems. It is so popular that we had to have a different sub category defined for it. As the name suggest, these are the poems which deals with death in their context. Please do not confuse these poems with sad poems. A death poem can of course be sad but all poems collected here are 'Dark' Death poems. It might be sad poems or might just not be. If you want to filter all of these poems in this section by 'Death' poems, the please click on the tag that says 'Death'.

The one that...

Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:33 PM
Take my hand,
Drips of tears.
Lead me out of here.

Tears continue to pour.
I start to fade away.
What was once Bright,
quickly turns Black.
My heart?
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Tags: Bye, Dead, Death, Suicide, Tears, Pain
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Assault on Purity

Abaddon Torment

07 Aug, 2014 07:21 PM
Snow, smothering the ground
Open and vast,
How long will pure last?
Its beauty,
Flawless Like its past.

No marks,
Nothing is disturbed.
Till the day, 
She walked a different way.

Drop. Drop.
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Tags: Rape, Hurt
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Suicide Spoon

DC Martin

21 Aug, 2014 08:27 PM
Down deep does it stir, 
In my heart, in my mind,
Ripped out by the roots, 
like dead fruit off the vine,
Touches a place so dark 
a place oh so cold, 

leaving nothing left but a story untold,
What might have been, what never was, 
taking what was to become, 
this is just what it does,
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Tags: Suicide, Suicidal, Death, Depression, Dark, Alone, Pain, Sadness
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My Dead Body

Dao Her

02 Aug, 2014 02:41 AM
Hidden over the full moon,
was my dead body.
I left it for years,
and now I am back from hell,

with the sword that will take away your innocent.
I was punish.
I was blamed.
I was beaten.
I was suffering.

And yet,
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Tags: Blame, Suffer, Punish, Innocent
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Flights Last Embrace


19 Aug, 2014 11:26 PM
Fly away little bird, fly away
Into a pastel atmosphere
Painting hues of a temporary heaven
On weightless impermanence

Where the warm air breaths dusk's last kiss
And the rushing clouds are blankets of whispered prayers
Securely enfolding flights last embrace

Once a leap of hesitance
A plummeting decent, now a soaring free fall
No longer chasing a fading dawn, in hope of breaching an unattainable horizon
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Tags: Suicide, Death, Depression
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Murder and Suicide

Abaddon Torment

26 Jul, 2014 08:50 PM
I lie motionless
On the cold hard ground
The rain, merciless 
I look to the char 

Barren black clouds high
I smile as my life
Is gone in a flash
I am soaked in blood

A true fatal bath
I bit my tongue,
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Tags: Murder, Suicide, Death, Depression
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Wicked Delightful Ecstasy

Rochelle Poet

17 Aug, 2014 08:07 AM
I've spent too much time in 
In the wicked wrath of torture...
I envy those whose blood I see spills 
To the floor through their open wounded pores.

I shriek with absolute jealous delight,
Wishing that were me, screaming in pain...
This beloved darkness is everything 
I have to gain! 

In loneliness, darkness and despair,
I've sat alone, forgetting how to care.
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Tags: Wicked, Ecstasy, Evil, Wrath, Blood
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Your Nightmare, My life

Abaddon Torment

13 Aug, 2014 07:34 AM
What if your nightmare
Is my reality
If you didnt know would you care
Heres what I see

If you dreamt,
You couldn't see your parents,
They may see you,
But must leave you be.
You have post traumatic stress.
And every night you can relive
The moment they died
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Tags: Alone, Anti-bully, Dark, Tragic
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Fallow Me

Abaddon Torment

26 Jul, 2014 08:53 PM
Fallow Me 
unto the deep 
Come Sacrifice the damned with me
Rape the dead 
To pillage the living 

Do you even care about your own being
Ill tear you apart and
Murder thee with a serpents kiss 
Gods not a coward
He's just dead
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Tags: Hell, Torture, Murder, Demonic, DeadGod
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No Hope

Abaddon Torment

08 Aug, 2014 03:26 PM
I ponder in the night,
Wandering what to write
Perhaps something within the light,
But that is a very strong might...
Though i don't know what is right.
I do know the law was once tight.

I am certain I do not see things bright,
As I gaze upon other peoples plight.
Not much is certain within my despite.
I watch the kids play with their kite
Raised on lands, suitable for rats
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Tags: Dark, Real, Sad, No Hope
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