I'm fine - just tired

Leigha Redmond

10 Jul, 2017 04:23 AM
Suffocating, she can't catch her breath
Panicking, she grasping for anything to prevent this death
Shrieking, she's screaming in fear
She's afraid of everything that is near
Alone, she's so alone but there are so many people standing in her presence 
But amongst them she feels like she's not in existence 
No one understands her depression 
On the outside they see a very different perception 
They look at her ever so lovely smile
Their knees buckle at her laugh they can hear for a mile
Her beauty so strong it makes others so weak
Her hair, her complexion always so sleek 
Her radiance just lightens the room
Her presence always in full bloom
You never would have guessed that underneath it all
Is a girl that stands only two inches tall
Sunken in such miserable pain
Anguished her heart is already slain
Her beauty that she can't see 
Thoughts swirling that she can't set free
Searching and searching for a way to evade
That's the first time she picked up the blade
Dragging it across her skin with such precision 
A rush of relief in this one incision
Again and again, each time feeling a release
At last, a few precious moments of peace
Unable to explain the joy that she feels
She drags the blade over and over with thrill
Addicted she becomes to the freedom she receives 
This is the only way she believes 
Motivated by those moments she felt
She found her way to deal with the disease she was dealt 
Disapproving eyes judge her scars
Not looking past into her memoirs 
She doesn't care, she will do it again
Despite being told self harm is a sin
She will cut and cut until it ends 
Rather it be the pain or her life that suspends

The moral of the story is do not judge
Look deep down inside her and find the trudge
The long path that lead her to this pivotal place
Try understanding the circumstances that put her in this space
Read her, she's an open book
It's up to you to open the binding and take a look
What are you afraid of, the story you may find?
Or the backlash for not seeing the warning signs?
Step back, take the time, make it right, help her back 
Back to a place she deserves to be
Happy, healthy, and set free
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