Afrin Farhana

28 Jul, 2017 06:11 AM
In this dark cage of Lies,
I'm dangerously trapped inside.
The butterflies have flown away,
No longer does this soul sway.
Anger, Pains, Hatred,
Now my heart is left damaged.
Deception, Betrayal, Lies were thrust upon,
Still a mask of happiness I put on.
Agony, Depression, Insanity I try to hide,
All the blames are killing me inside.
Lying dead I stare at the gleaming stars,
Trapped inside my mind's prison bars.
By the chains of failure I'm suffocating,
Yet trying to cope up with pains so excruciating.
Do you know what happens when I'm insane ?
The Demon takes over my body and eats up my brain.
A Demon so vicious and crazy,
Harms this body till my soul gets hazy.
Trapped inside this body that doesn't reel,
Imprisoned here against my will.
No choice my own,
I see people they frown.
Drowning in a darkness of deep despair,
Believing the lies I hear,
And seeing truths not there.
Bring me to the surface,
Give me air to breathe so solace.
Let me see the morrow,
Upon my broken dreams so sorrow.
Tags: Emo
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Steven says:
16 Mar, 2018 05:18 AM

Thank you for being alive :3

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