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Love and Pain

Zane A. Murray

01 Feb, 2016 06:02 PM
For all the pain that I am to feel,
I will always be able to heal,
But because of my love for you,
There really isn’t any healing to do.

My heart was yours, saved in a locked box,
Held tight and you wound its gears like a clock’s,
But because of your choice to go, it has left pain,
And I won’t get the chance again to kiss you everyday.

I can hardly breathe, my chest is so weighted,
I took my heart back, only to have it plated,
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Tags: Love, Numb, Pain
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13 Aug, 2015 12:05 PM
I will send them down to hell, oh my oh dear that sounds so swell
Burn their houses down to the ground
Keep their heads under water to drown
Beat them with sticks to their grave
For all the pain that they gave

Their souls shall rot in hell, and I won't feel any pity oh well
Use knives to stab their hearts 
Get an ax and cut them to parts
Tie them to tracks and run them over with a train
I'll be getting them back for being inhumane 
The devil will burn them down in hell, they'll screech and whine and don't forget yell
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Tags: Hell, Death, Love, Burn
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Cruel Embrace

Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly

17 Jun, 2015 02:01 PM
Rose from deep sleep by the sounds of a crackling log fire,
Captive in a medieval castle lodged between loney, forested, mountains,
Sunset and dusk streaming through the high window,
A prisoner tenderly kept, washed and dressed in soft pearl linens,
Oak posts surround the gargantuan bed draped with thick, pure nets.

Echoes of nightmarish wolves shrieking in the distance terrify my ears,
A crimson mat lays on the heavy wooden floor, candles glint over the hearth,
Shadows stretch above me and disappear, fading into the night,
I am fatigued, unable to move, held by lustful mesmerisation,
Fear flows through my filial veins, You must smell the blood.
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Tags: Vampires, Lust, Love, Death
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The Island

Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly

17 Jun, 2015 01:55 PM
Air rushes past my face as the iron bird disappears, visual panorama, 
Of sapphire, emerald and gold the dream of a life we once did behold.

My hand clutches the cord. Fear forces my grip, 
As the world rushes beneath me, 
Memories do mar and excruciatingly strip. 

Last year we did here meet, across the vast azure sea,
And under the shade of the imported palm trees. 

We did lie on the sand and bathe in the deep, 
Warm sea breezes and the children at our feet.
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Tags: Depression, Suicide, Sadness, Love
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Darkest Love

John Kelley Sr.

19 Mar, 2015 03:04 PM
In this world of men that we call Home
There are so many types of people and other beings too.
When you meet someone new, feel them out
Make sure that they are not a Scout.

Soul suckers abound in their thousands
Taking control of their surroundings.
Beautiful women luring men to their certain Doom
Devouring their very Souls as they just smiled.

Sanguine lovers welcome them too
Biting down with fangs razor sharp
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Tags: Love, Dark
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Through Her Skin.

Pride Ed

27 May, 2014 07:48 PM
In haughty, yet elegant tone, 
I say to you "do this to me," 
and I point at the arabesque 
vines in the courtyard. 
Found in jovial play, the knife 
you gave my body with the wilted
roses from your hands. 
Hands that pilfer! Hands that shake 
as they cut into me. 
Forever of redolence; the 
thorns in my side, and your blue eyes, 
so lustful, they still rip into me.
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Tags: Love, Hate, Death, Pain, Murder
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I Loved At One Time.


25 Apr, 2014 11:30 PM
I wouldn't have fallen in love if I knew the price I would have pay.
If I had known how much it'd hurt.
I had trusted you, and  you had thrown me to the ground; I wasn't worthy of you. I tried to be the best I could be for you, but it was never enough.
So yes, I did at one time love.
But never again; will I allow my heart or mind to experience the trauma you put me through.
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Tags: Dark Mind, Dark World, Dark, Lost, Lonely, Love, Heartbroken, Heart Broken, Hurt
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Dreams of You


27 Apr, 2014 09:42 PM
I always dream of empty skies
and in this dream nobody dies
but all I know is these are lies
and all I are deathly cries

walk with me, you need to see
what I've become and what I'll be
my dear have you forsaken me
when all I did was walk with thee

I've lost you, love, among my dreams
and tears fall down as steady streams
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Tags: Love, Alone, Dead, Blood, Broken
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Hide it


03 Apr, 2014 02:59 PM
Where are the marks?
Where is the pain?
I see you smiling now,
But it's all the same.

You hide behind,
That mask you wear,
I wear one too,
It's beginning to tear.

Snide remarks,
And a hateful tone,
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Tags: Love, Pain, Self Harm, Rejection
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Dillon (Blood Tears)

02 Feb, 2014 12:22 AM
Your skin is pale 
oh so pale
Your eyes are black
why so dark
Your skin is cold
oh so cold
I see your beauty
my heart aches 
Through tears of blood
You weep
For how you hate my love
And that such a creature with a soul of hate
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