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Dillon (Blood Tears)

24 Aug, 2017 07:39 AM
So red so warm
This life force I adore
We bleed we cry
But God I want more
From my first I knew this was for me
Human beings were made for me
The blood
So sweet
So pure
The way it pools
The way it runs
Tastes so sweet, this angels nectar
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Tags: Blood, Psychopath, Graphic
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Deadly Bean-site Coffee

Robin Carretti

04 Nov, 2016 01:36 PM
How she sucked every last bean 
the blackest meanest Goth. 
She froze with terror the color spilled deep Darth. 
And next to her was a big burly Football player.

Sipping her erotically boiling coffee.
He's the slayer.
Her body deadly slim he played her
 She kept to herself not wanting to speak to him.
She could have blasted his balls within.
These guys did horrible things to those girls.
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Tags: Darkness, Creepy, Sadistic, Spells, Graphic
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My Mind Whispers

Franchesca Mia Reves Tortoza

08 Apr, 2017 05:36 AM
"You'll ruin your life if you start,"
My mind whispers,
As my hand picks up the cutter I always bring,
I pray a silent, unheard prayer,
As I shut out the buzzing of spring
And slice.

"This is stupid! You need to stop!"
My mind whispers,
As I drag the blade across my arm yet again,
Watching red start to stain silver,
As I try not to hiss in pain.
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Tags: Death, Depression, Suicide, Graphic
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Make Me Bleed

Ashley Paradis

22 Mar, 2017 07:12 PM
Grab your knife, 
Peel it off. 
Squirting blood
By the pint and
drink until you're full. 

Take my kidneys
And render me useless.
I want you to cut me up
Cut it out 
Tell me that I'm garbage.
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Tags: Blood, Graphic, Abuse, Death
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David M

16 Jan, 2017 12:59 AM
I feel the sadness in you
A broken soul longing for release
The universe conspires
Bringing us together at last
In this time
In this place
Two strangers bound by fate
When our eyes met on the train
I felt the fire between us
You did as well I'm sure
As I followed you home
I knew we were meant for this
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Tags: Horror, Stalker, Murder, Insanity, Graphic
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A Life's Creation

kilee ketola

23 Oct, 2016 07:33 AM
Dark but whole, broken yet sane.
Hoping one day love will erase all the pain.
Simple and complex, also free with violence on my mind,
All that triggers my evil within, making it harder to find.
An unknown innocence replaced a twisted side so dark, yet a star is so bright in the sky,
A  yes even the darkness can't take away, and when it should have asked why.
A scapegoat with scars from a razorblade that cut across her skin,
I will always remain beautifully broken, outside and within.
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Tags: Twisted, Broken, Dark, Evil, Graphic
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The Blade

Hayley Turner

09 Oct, 2016 12:16 AM
The blade through her neck
Blood spills everywhere
A grin spreads wide on the killer's face
Oh the dark gooey blood
Brings a thrill to his bones
The head separated from her body
Oh the blood and the grin and the blade
Of that fateful day
As he stood above her
A grin still spread wide over his ghostly face
Oh the blood and the grin and the blade
Of that fateful day.
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Tags: Murder, Graphic
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No. 13

Brandon Crooms

11 Apr, 2016 11:44 PM
I had started to lose count.
"Goodbye, Mr. Blount."
My hands tightly grip the ax,
I took aim at his bloodied back.
Fury covers my eyes with blood, "Can I do this?" I could, I could, I could.
"One more swing," I say. "I hope to God you'll pray."
I bring it down fast...
This will be the last...
The hit was clean.
...and that made 13.'
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Tags: Murder, Insanity, Graphic
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Unworthy School

Brandon Crooms

11 Apr, 2016 04:03 AM
-Sitting in the back of a deserted classroom,
Bones scatter the floor, and the walls are pealing like...
like burnt flesh ripping from the skull.

-All of the lights are broken, the glass sparkles against the ground
The air smells of freshly cut grass on a Saturday morning.

-Walking in the hallway,
Blood stains the white polished floors, 
rusted and broken lockers against the walls.

-The light rods are swinging, creaking in the dark
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Tags: Horror, Pshyco, Intense, Insane, Graphic
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The late night message

Addison Stewart

27 Oct, 2015 05:38 AM
The hands on the clock continuously tick and suddenly its 2 in the morning 
You search the web for young girls to taunt the message you sent shes liking.
She thinks you're 15 just like her and just wanna meet up she thinks she's delirious 
She gets ready throws on her little dress hoping that you're serious
She leaves the house no one knows so now she's on her own 
She waits where your supposed to meet and gets a call saying its been postponed
Heading home she's sad so she pops in her head phones they cancel out the noise of you following behind
She gets to her house goes to her front porch takes the ear buds out only to hear your words grind
She's startled so she freezes you push her down off her feet
You climb on top and start to rape her she starts to scream so she gets beat
You finish up grab her hair and pull her up then you walk her to her own back yard
You put her on the ground go again for round three you get a rush from taking her v-card
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Tags: Dark Thought, Rape, Disturbing, Graphic, Violence
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