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The late night message

Addison Stewart

27 Oct, 2015 05:38 AM
The hands on the clock continuously tick and suddenly its 2 in the morning 
You search the web for young girls to taunt the message you sent shes liking.
She thinks you're 15 just like her and just wanna meet up she thinks she's delirious 
She gets ready throws on her little dress hoping that you're serious
She leaves the house no one knows so now she's on her own 
She waits where your supposed to meet and gets a call saying its been postponed
Heading home she's sad so she pops in her head phones they cancel out the noise of you following behind
She gets to her house goes to her front porch takes the ear buds out only to hear your words grind
She's startled so she freezes you push her down off her feet
You climb on top and start to rape her she starts to scream so she gets beat
You finish up grab her hair and pull her up then you walk her to her own back yard
You put her on the ground go again for round three you get a rush from taking her v-card
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Tags: Dark Thought, Rape, Disturbing, Graphic, Violence
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My dark side


12 Aug, 2015 02:42 PM
There is a dark spot in my soul,
I may not show, you may not know,
But I can feel it in my heart,
A creeping, tickling morbid spark.

Welcome to my dark side.

I might be smiling while I speak,
Yet there is something else I seek,
Beyond a happy, easy mind,
A world falls down, my eyes turn blind.
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Tags: Darkness, Soul, Disturbing
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