Your Worst Nightmare

26 Feb, 2013 09:31 PM
There was once a girl with no name
Quiet, small and dark
They called her What's-Her-Face
She didn't mind, not at all 

Her hair was a dark brown
Her head, kept low
No one knew what was the matter
But they knew, not to get involved

What's-Her-Face was alone, lonely and unwanted
She was a freak
A psycho
Nasty rumors, she was haunted

No one believed
A word she said
No one wanted to talk
To this lousy mess

One girl gave in, and began to be kind
But the nasty comments had gotten to her
And in the end
The one girl, had left her side

It had almost been a year
Since What's-Her-Face's arrival 
Before she started to hate herself too
Fat, ugly
Who would want to be her partner?

She put on a fake smile, as if it were all okay
You could see it in her eyes
The sorrow
The pain

Desperation over-took her
But she didn't let it win
She began to cut
One long cut, in every arm, with a swing

Her blood red blade
Her needle end knife
Itd only take a flick of the wrist
With that, she could die

But she didn't give up so easily
She still had a chance
A very slight one
She couldn't give up yet

Life got worse
She fell in love, but that wasn't the cure
Her lover passed away
And she never got to say, what her heart was screaming at her face

Poor little What's-Her-Face
And her failure of a family
Didn't care for her 
Didn't even notice she was there

They were losing money
It was hopeless, what a fail
It must've been because
Of What's-Her-Face's betrayal 

Her father was dead
Her mother was useless
Her brother was irritating
Her sister was too young

Poor little What's-Her-Face, didn't have a choice
She broke into a shop
Took a large amount of money
Before the bell rung

Blue and red lights
Swerving everywhere
"Hands up!" she heard someone yell

Poor little Whats-Her-Face, got hit, and beaten
Blue and purple bruises on her arms
Down to her hips, repeatedly

When Mommy's done with her beating, 
she stands aside
Growls at Brother and Sister
And yells over her cries

"You don't know what I've done for you!" she yells 
And hits her...
Poor little What's-Her-Face, cried herself to sleep
Alone, locked up in a cage
She was an animal, kept hidden 

She only went out for school
She didn't see her family
She was too ashamed, to say anything 

It was her fault this was happening
It was her fault her family was worse 
It was her fault her father was dead
If only that deer hadn't been on the road

Why couldn't it have killed her instead?
Why this much pain?
What had she ever done
To receive all this hate?

He just wanted to help
He couldn't run over it
Such a human thing to do
But now, he's gone 

Poor little What's-Her-Face, brought this poem to tell her story
She stood in front of the class
And read it out, slowly

I hope you understand now
That we all have feelings
Yet I stood here before you
Not frowning, while you bullied me

My life is difficult
And you don't make it any easier
I hope you feel bad now
You see? Are things clearer?

You've teased and punched 
And kicked and screamed
But never did I once
Ask for help, or even plead

I've shut my mouth
And let you play
With my emotions, my feelings
But that was a mistake

It's not the first time
But most certainly the last
You most definitely will remember me
I will be a scar

I hope I will not be judged
I hope this will make you think
But most of all
I hope you understand'

Poor little What's-Her-Face, raised her arm
Holding a gun, in her hand
She placed it next to her head
With that, poor little What's-Her-Face smiled. 

'My name is Alice
I hope you don't forget
Because my name is not

Alice pulled the trigger, the shot, loud and long
The class screamed in terror, 
as she fell down with a "Thump!"

Now everyone remembers What's-Her-Face
And everything they had done
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Tengoku Shuujin says:
06 Mar, 2013 07:49 AM

I loved this poem....i love ur blog!!

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Your Worst Nightmare says:
07 Mar, 2013 05:40 PM

Oh my rabies, thank you so much for reading! It really means a lot :D

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Courtney says:
06 May, 2013 12:45 AM

No words can describe how we'll written this is. And I'm only 15 haha so i dont really know much. I love it, and your other poems also.

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grayandblackbatman says:
07 Dec, 2013 07:55 AM

I love it. :)

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Alejandra says:
29 Nov, 2015 05:03 PM

WOW... bought tears to my eyes takes a lot to do that. This is a great poem I love it :)

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Demorgorgan says:
12 Mar, 2017 02:45 PM

A poem both sad and dark is quite fascinating :)

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Black rose says:
23 Dec, 2017 07:25 AM

My god this is so beautiful

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