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Goth Girl In A Graveyard.

Craig Dee

23 Feb, 2017 03:58 PM
A short extract
Goth girl all forlorn, she walks a graveyard
Alone with just her memories on her mind
Wanders lonely as she's seeking closure
And hoping it will be the healing kind

Memories these days are all she's left with
Seems everything she loves, it fades and dies
Her made up face masks the pain inside her
But rarely will a tear fall from her eyes
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Tags: Dark, Poetry, Grave, Graveyard, Goth, Gothic, Death, Sadness
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Abhishek Choubey

28 Jan, 2017 02:27 PM
I am not asking for a crown
I’ve worn one made of thorns before
That was when I was brought down
When people lost faith and built a barrier

Friends were strangers, hopes dead
Soon I became depraved and unwanted
Dark but whole, broken yet sane
And when all the love was lost

The need to rise again triggered the man within
The wait was over
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Tags: Revenge, Dark
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Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

Amy Faltot

18 Aug, 2016 11:01 AM
Alone in my own shadow, waiting to find a single day
 To penetrate this foggy atmosphere, I fear I'll find decay
 When the clouds have parted, will I find that I'm a damaged soul
 Or some wooden walls I rest while submerged amongst the soil?
 Still attempting to establish the ground I stand upon but finding cliffs
 I'm too tired to rebuild foundations so I sleep on rocks and sticks
 That's all I get, cause my brain tells me I deserve way less
 All I need is a bullet in the center of my chest

 I tried my hand at alchemy to make myself a heart of gold
 But all I got was arteries collecting copper and molten boring holes
 Inside my veins, I'll paint a faint depiction of my body now
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Tags: Death, Dark
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This pain in me


20 Jun, 2016 04:55 PM
I have no release to 
This pain in me 
Constantly being bullied
Your always disjointed in me

Your the cause of
This pain in me 
Trying to get u
To see me

you just toss me aside
This pain in me
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Tags: Pain, Dark
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The Bitter Kiss


14 Apr, 2016 02:43 AM
I hate it
I hate that I kissed him
I hate that I liked it
I hate how I wanted my lips to belong to him…

I thought he loved me
I thought I loved him
I didn’t want him to leave
I thought I was his
If I noticed the signs
The signs that I missed
We would have never…
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Tags: Bitter, Dark, Scared, Cold, Hate, Hatred, Addiction
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I failed at death

Dillon (Blood Tears)

06 Feb, 2016 07:58 PM
Cold and quiet
Out in the night
Dark and windy
Under this tree
Depressed and hopeless
I start to tie the knot

Slow and steady
I wrap it around my neck
Thoughts and memories
I jumped and started to swing
Warm and fuzzy
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Tags: Dark, Death
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Venom Ash

18 Dec, 2015 10:09 PM
One thought brings another
Over thinking like a flood
Thoughts that should have been gone since ever
I myself, can no longer let go.

Open hearts and carved scratches
Tearing selfharm on the floor
Violent cries
In my mind splashing
As my blood is wetting and crawling til the door
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Tags: Thoughts, Over Thinking, Drowning, Dark Mind, Dark, Darkness
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Little bird's crime

Venom Ash

05 Dec, 2015 08:37 PM
Come come little birdy
Come come little birdy
With these colorful wings
You can spread them all over
And make a rainbow
If you try

Come come little birdy
Come come little birdy
This is your new home
Just a small cage
For the whole place
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Tags: Bird, Bloody, Dark, Sad, Crime
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Fell's Kitchen


11 Oct, 2015 01:03 PM
The ingredients for success are simple.

To begin,
You require a heart full of conviction,
And a mind
Uncluttered by the distractions of this modern-day world.

Select a cup of shadows sublime,
Mix with a glass of moonbeams over ice,
Add a spoonful of laughter,
Then drizzle with the music of lunar flakes as they fall from on high.
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Tags: Dark, Fell, Midnight, Veil
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17 Sep, 2015 09:45 AM
I am the darkness which will always remain
who follows your footsteps and whispers your name
I linger behind you, a reminder, a refrain.
who sings you sweet nothing, and plays all of your games
I move with all of your gestures and mirrors your soul
I am your gray side, the blackness, the coal
I live without substance and burn without fire
I am your truth, your mimic, and liar
I chase you without running, I follow your lead

I'm always behind you
I am the darkness you bleed
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Tags: Fear, Dark
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