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The Bitter Kiss


14 Apr, 2016 02:43 AM
I hate it
I hate that I kissed him
I hate that I liked it
I hate how I wanted my lips to belong to him…

I thought he loved me
I thought I loved him
I didn’t want him to leave
I thought I was his
If I noticed the signs
The signs that I missed
We would have never…
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Tags: Bitter, Dark, Scared, Cold, Hate, Hatred, Addiction
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Black Tree's

Austin Jones

26 Apr, 2015 01:43 AM
The darkness surrounds me
Like a forest 
Of black tree's 
But in the clearing 

There is a light 
That Shines
Brighter than Bright 
It shall guide me 
So that I may fly 

Away from this place
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Tags: Darkness, Forever, Despair, Cold
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Blistering Cold

Austin Jones

07 Oct, 2014 12:40 AM
Blistering cold
I tread on the snow
My feet aching 
Body shaking 
This feeling that I Have never Known

Deadly winter
This everlasting cold
This white rain 
Looks red as blood
But only illusion
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Tags: Death, Cold
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26 Apr, 2014 02:45 AM
Cold and alone, I lay awake, listening to the silent night.
Eyes pinch shut, afraid to see the faintest form of light. 
Tears fall from swollen eyes, carrying the pain of my heart. 
Sorrow runs deep into my soul, slowly ripping it apart. 
No voice left to call for help, no strength left to fight. 
Falling deeper into the dark, fearing I've lost all sight. 
As i start to drift off to sleep, I fear what the night will hold. 
Shivering beneath my own skin, I give into the cold.
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Tags: Cold, Heartache, Sorrow, Giving Up
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First day of Fall is today,

Jack Sorenson

11 Nov, 2012 01:01 AM
Golden times of the seasons
Golden and red trees sway in the breeze
Now that the little children, so dear love to play
Nod to the soft breeze, and to the four seasons
They call as it whispers back, we here you’re at play

Winter is near; shhh do not tell a soul,
The many playful children, had just giggled
now as the brown nuts fall from the mighty oaks
The squirrels prepare for the harsh winter ahead,

At the unmindful, voice winds aloud call
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Tags: Fall, Dark, Cold, Halloween
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